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Professional Event Floral - Module 2

Mastering Floral Design: 

Techniques & Centerpiece Creation

Learn "The Art of Floral Arrangement" and create stunning centerpieces in this module. Discover how to price florals and find the best formula to run your business.

Don't miss a beat! Watch, practice, and implement the most up-to-date and essential floral techniques.  Start creating magic with beautiful floral creations and establish a successful floral business.

Start now take your skills from zero to HERO!
  • Video Instruction

    Comprehensive video demonstration, like one-on-one instruction.
  • Certification

    Receive your certificate of achievement upon completion.
  • Digital Downloads

    Access and download your digital textbook online.
  • Cost-Effective

    Get the education you need without spending thousands and wasting years.

What's included?

  • 4 Lessons
  • 5 Videos
  • 40 Digital Text Pages
  • 4 Self-Reflection Unit Review Questions
  • 16-Question Unit Quiz
  • 1 Certificate of Completion


Our online courses allow you to take charge and be IN CHARGE of your own learning journey. No deadlines, no nagging teachers, and lifetime access. Take your time or whizz through! Do whatever suits YOUR life and learning style. You'll always be able to come back and review or upgrade and attend a class in-person. Slow down on the more challenging pieces that might take a little longer to grasp and master; no one is pressuring you but you!

Build Your Skills

Build on what you've learned in the previous unit or start in the middle. You pick! Our courses are structured to allow you to grow your skills sequentially or take what you need, "a la carte"-style.

Learn what you need for RIGHT NOW, right now... or when you NEED it. Come back for review any time or take additional courses as necessary. You can even visit one of our 20+ locations for live, hands-on, in-person instruction!


Mastering Floral Design

Techniques & Centerpiece Creation: Discover the art of floral design in our fundamental course. Led by experts, you'll learn basic techniques, color theory, and composition essentials. Hands-on sessions empower you to create stunning arrangements. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, this course will cultivate your passion for floral craftsmanship.
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Professional event floral online: module 2

Mastering Floral Design

Enjoy 4 vital floral design lessons focusing on technique & centerpiece arrangements for only $195.

Learn to master floral design in this module:

  • Floral Supplies & Containers
  • The Art of Floral Arrangement
  • Designing Centerpieces
  • Personal Flowers
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IWED Director of education

Lucy Molina

Lucy Molina started working in the event industry at a young age, through various opportunities and by working alongside elite designers.

She has over 10 years experience designing and planning various types of events, including: corporate and social events, weddings, fashion shows, galas, and award shows of various magnitudes.

As the Director of Education at the Institute of Wedding & Event Design, Lucy has dedicated her expertise and time to educating, coaching, and guiding the next generations of designers to find success in this multi-billion dollar industry!

Patrick Jones - Course author
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