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What’s “In” for Weddings in 2024

May 31 / The IWED Blog

When it comes to planning a wedding, whether for yourself or a client or even doing the decor and designing it from A-Z, it’s important to note a few key trends that are woven throughout the modern wedding landscape, and some that are at play front and center.


You might say there has always been a certain formula when it comes to putting on a wedding ceremony and reception. Nowadays, couples are throwing out the playbook and opting for less traditional practices, styles, and moving towards more individualized aspects to their events, and certainly entering the green era with more ecologically friendly choices. 

It’s important to keep these in mind when you hit the ground running for wedding season in 2024. 

Let’s talk about what’s “in” for 2024 weddings… 

Wedding Stylists

You’ve heard of a wedding planner, event designer, event decorating, day coordinator… you name it, there is a long list of event professionals at your disposal to make your event vision come to life. You have many options, depending on your needs, and a newer one to add to the list is a wedding stylist. 

Brides and grooms are doing much more than before in terms of their wedding day style(s) and wardrobes. Enlisting the help of a professional wedding stylist gives couples many more options and more modern alternatives, to brides in white and grooms in black, blue, or grey. 

Wedding stylists are unveiling a whole new world of non-traditional wedding dresses, including non-white wedding dresses. They are opening our eyes to alternative bridesmaid and groomsmen fashions that are non-matching in color and/or material. 

Set your wedding apart from the rest this wedding season with a uniquely stylized wardrobe for the big day. Don’t forget about the ever-growing popularity of the outfit change from ceremony to reception, and maybe even ONE MORE!

Tonal Design Palettes 

You don’t need to shy away from color. After all, your big day is about what YOU like and what you think looks good. That being considered, there has been an uptick in many more tonal palettes used for wedding styles and event decor. Tonal and monochromatic elements give a much more minimalist, downplayed, and sophisticated vibe at your event. If that sounds like you, then run with it! You’ll be totally in style this wedding season without even seeming like you’re trying!

Digital Guestbooks

Over the past 2 decades, we’ve seen so many different versions of guestbooks. Modern takes have included your standard: "write an encouraging or congratulatory message and sign your name(s);" "write a message to the couple on a tiny slip and put it in the jar for them to pluck out one by one on each passing anniversary;" "make sure to visit the videographer to leave a video message for the couple;" "take a picture on a Polaroid and paste it in the book;" pick up this phony telephone and record a message to the couple for them to listen back to… But, how do we update the age-old tradition of including a guest book at the reception without killing it or having to reinvent the wheel? It feels only natural at this point, we slowly inch our way closer towards the wholly digital guestbook.

Finally, couples have no risk of losing precious memories from misplacing a book or damaging a disposal camera. Digital guestbooks are safely housed in the cloud and easy to access anytime and anywhere for a trip down memory lane. It’s a far more immersive experience for your guests as well as you have a myriad of options before you, combining the best of all worlds previously mentioned in the realm of event guestbooks. 


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