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🚨UPCOMING CLASS ALERT! Professional Balloon Decorator ➛ Deerfield Beach, FL ➛ July 13-14, 2024

May 16 / The IWED Blog

Inflate Your Creativity with
Professional Balloon Decorating!

This July, the Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED) invites you to elevate your event design skills to new heights at our Professional Balloon Decorator class. Join us at our main campus in Deerfield Beach, FL, on July 13-14, 2024. This class is perfect for anyone ready to add a burst of creativity, fun, and whimsy to their event design repertoire.

Why Balloon Decor?

Balloon decorations are not just child's play; they are a hugely popular element in modern event designs, offering versatility in color, shape, and theme integration. Balloon installations can go from playful to sophisticated depending on the colors used and implementation. From grand entrances to splashes and pops of color around a venue, to columns and balloon bouquets... this trending event feature, once thought of as childish, can really set your events apart. The skills you'll gain in class with IWED, you can then apply to a variety of settings and occasions.

What IWED Offers

At IWED, we believe that learning should be interactive and applicable to real life settings. Our classes are designed to not just teach, but also to inspire and empower. 

  • Get Hands-On Learning: Dive deep into the art of balloon decor with direct, practical experience to ascertain both basic and advanced techniques.

  • Flourish in a Creative Environment: Learn in an environment that encourages your creativity, and pushes you to think outside the box! Receive guidance of instructors who are passionate about design and eager to share their knowledge.

  • Make Industry Connections: Network with peers and industry professionals, building relationships that will support your career growth.

Course Highlights

  • Balloon Artistry Techniques: From foundational skills to intricate designs, learn how to create eye-catching arrangements that dazzle.

  • Event Design Integration: Understand how to seamlessly integrate balloon decor into broader event design concepts.

  • Tools and Technology: Get acquainted with the latest tools and technology that make balloon decorating faster, more efficient, and even more stunning.

Join Us in Deerfield Beach

Our Professional Balloon Decorating class at our main campus in Deerfield Beach can become the launchpad for your career in event design. Surrounded by the buzz of innovative designers, you'll find no better place to be inspired, to learn, and to grow.

Ready to Transform Your Skills?
Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your skills, IWED's Professional Balloon Decorator class will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to excel.

Spots are filling quickly, so don’t wait to turn your passion into a career and your dreams into reality! You have the incredible opportunity before you to reinvent yourself and your life. Start doing what you love and loving what you do, with the help of IWED. Enroll now in our Professional Balloon Decorating Course, July 13-14, 2024 at our IWED Headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL.