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It’s Time... Retiring the Classic Approach to Wedding Attire

Jun 3 / The IWED Blog

"Dress Code," Code for Stiff

Modern wedding parties are starting to embrace a more flexible and personalized approach to attire, showing a trend towards focusing on individuality of both the wedding party & guests. One notable shift is the move away from strict dress codes for guests. Couples now often provide ‘dress guidelines’ that encourage guests to express their personal style within a specific theme or color palette, rather than prescribing a uniform look with a more formal ‘dress code’. This approach not only adds a unique touch to the wedding but also makes guests feel more comfortable and involved in the celebration.

Bridesmaids' attire is also experiencing a transformation. Instead of the traditional one-style-fits-all dress, many brides are now allowing their bridesmaids to choose the color, cut, and style of their gowns. This allows for the personal style of each bridesmaid to be considered, ensuring everyone looks and feels their best. We are also seeing a rising trend in brides changing outfits from the ceremony to reception. We are seeing brides opt for a more formal, traditional look for the ceremony, then switching to a more comfortable, playful outfit for the reception. These evolving practices in wedding attire demonstrate a growing appreciation for personalization, comfort, and individual expression.

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