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The Dawn of a New Star in Louisiana

May 6 / The IWED Blog

In the charming town of Schviever, Louisiana, a new beacon of event planning excellence has emerged: Carla Diggs. An alumna of ALL IWED Classes, her transformation from a dedicated student to a professional is a story of inspiration and passion realized.

This weekend, Carla celebrated a significant milestone - the grand opening of her own Event Planning and Venue Business. It wasn't just an opening; it was a vibrant showcase of the skills and dedication Carla honed during her time at IWED.

A Gala of Talent and Achievement

The event was a convergence of talent and expertise. Among the attendees were Lydia and Troy from Dance Floor Wrap Dallas 2023, Chaqueta from Biloxi, and Ocee and Debra Anderson from Ohio. This illustrious gathering highlighted the network and community spirit fostered at IWED.

Carla Diggs: A Testament to Excellence

Carla, the woman of the hour, demonstrated her exceptional skills in event planning and venue management. The venue itself was a testament to her unique style and meticulous attention to detail, creating a stunning and memorable experience for all.

Praise from Peers and Mentors

The event drew admiration from peers and mentors alike. Lydia and Troy, fellow IWED alumni, expressed their awe at Carla's accomplishments. Chaqueta, Ocee, and Debra Anderson, hailing from different corners of the country, commended Carla's creativity and professionalism.

More Than an Opening: A Celebration of Community

The grand opening symbolized the strength of the community at IWED. The bonds formed during classes translated into a supportive network, celebrating each other's success and paving the way for future collaborations.

Looking Forward: Carla's Bright Future

As Carla embarks on this new chapter, the event planning industry watches with anticipation. Her journey from an IWED student to an entrepreneur is a beacon of hope and an exemplary tale of how the right education and determination can bring dreams to fruition.

A Journey of Inspiration: Carla Diggs' Legacy Begins

Carla's story is not just about her success; it's a narrative that inspires every aspiring event planner. Her journey from IWED to the heart of Louisiana's event-planning scene is a testament to the power of dreams, education, and hard work.

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