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Student News! Meet IWED Graduate, Melissa Flores!

Apr 26 / The IWED Blog

Meet IWED Graduate, Melissa Flores!

Meet Melissa Flores, the creative force behind SWFL Wedding and Event Rentals, located in Fort Myers, FL. With a passion for transforming visions into reality, Melissa shares her journey, insights, and aspirations in the world of event design.

About Melissa:

Melissa Flores is a dynamic entrepreneur driven by her love for creating unforgettable experiences. Here are three fun facts about her:

  • Melissa has a knack for juggling multiple businesses and has owned several ventures throughout her life.

  • She thrives on versatility and prides herself on being able to adapt her style to suit any client's needs, whether it's luxury, farm, themed, or beyond.

  • Melissa believes in investing in top-quality materials and equipment while prioritizing her clients' desires.

The Leap into Entrepreneurship:

When asked what prompted her to start her own business, Melissa recalls her desire to pursue a venture she genuinely enjoyed. Having owned multiple businesses previously, she recognized the value of doing what she loves.

Pursuing Certification with IWED:

Melissa's decision to pursue certification training with IWED stemmed from her belief that knowledge and education set one apart in the industry. The training empowered her to expand her offerings, leading to a surge in bookings for various draping services.

The Rewards of Business Ownership:

For Melissa, the most rewarding aspect of owning her business lies in the freedom to do what she loves and create her own schedule. This autonomy allows her to craft unique experiences for her clients while enjoying personal fulfillment.

Wedding Planning Services Offered:

SWFL Wedding and Event Rentals offers comprehensive rental décor services, from elegant chiavari chairs to exquisite tablescapes and draping. Melissa collaborates closely with her clients to curate their dream weddings, providing bundled packages for a seamless experience.

Love for the Industry:

What Melissa loves most about working in the wedding planning industry is the joy she brings to brides and grooms. Seeing their happiness with the final product validates her hard work and dedication.

Advice for Aspiring Wedding Planners:

To those dreaming of starting their own business, Melissa encourages them to pursue their passion, even if they start small. With determination and dedication, success is within reach.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, Melissa envisions substantial growth for SWFL Wedding and Event Rentals. With a focus on becoming the premier décor and draping rental company in the area, she and her husband are poised for rapid expansion in the coming years.

As Melissa continues to weave dreams into reality, SWFL Wedding and Event Rentals stands as a testament to her creativity, passion, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.