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Designing The Head Table: An Outdoor Wedding Style Option

Jul 10 / The IWED Blog

Elevate Your Outdoor Wedding with Elegant Design Elements

Outdoor weddings offer a unique opportunity to blend nature's beauty with stylish decor elements, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. The IWED Institute presents a showcase design that perfectly captures the essence of elegance and simplicity in an outdoor setting.

Featured Decor Pieces

  • Wooden Crossback Chair - Mahogany: Originally priced at $109.99, now available for $83.97. These chairs bring a rustic elegance to any outdoor setting, blending beautifully with natural elements.

  • Artificial Eucalyptus - 6 pcs.: Accent your decor with these lifelike eucalyptus pieces, marked down from $7.99 to just $5.52 each. They add a touch of greenery that complements any floral arrangement.

  • Artificial English Rose Blush - 6 pcs.: Enhance your tables with these delicate blush roses, currently priced at $10.99 now $10.42. Their soft color adds a romantic feel to the decor.

  • Embossed Goblet - Navy 6 pcs.: Add a splash of color to your drinkware with these navy embossed goblets, previously $66.99 now $56.58.

  • Artificial Hydrangea Bouquet - 9 pcs.: Incorporate these lush hydrangeas into your centerpieces or bridal bouquets for a bold statement, now at a reduced price of $19.99 $15.06.

  • Blue Casablanca Velvet Drape: Frame your venue with these luxurious drapes, creating a rich backdrop. Previously $49.99, now just $39.24.

Expert Styling Tips from Lucy Molina

Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, shares her insights on creating the perfect outdoor wedding setup: "Opt for Casablanca velvet blue linen that pairs marvelously with mahogany wooden finishes such as cross back chairs, elevating the outdoor ambiance. Enhance your venue by adding grand floral installations on the floor, which draw attention yet keep the tables minimally adorned. This setup not only highlights the couple but also serves as a spectacular backdrop for photographs."

Re-create this elegant outdoor wedding theme or customize it with your personal touch using the finest trending products from Event Decor Direct.

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