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Versatility in 2024: Mix & Match Products

Apr 22 / The IWED Blog

Lavender Florals & Ballons Make for Beauty & Whimsy in This Design

Elevate your event with a sprinkle of lavender magic and a dash of delicate pink, creating a whimsical celebration to remember. With IWED's expertly chosen decor items, your birthday party or social gathering will be a canvas painted with the softest and most enchanting hues.

Create a Storybook Setting with These Lavish Details:

  • Lavender Balloon Elegance: Begin with the charm of lavender balloons, floating orbs of joy that set a playful yet refined tone for your event ($8.99 $6.68 for 100 pcs).

  • Pink Balloon Delights: Complement the lavender with subtle pink latex balloons, adding a soft blush to your color palette ($6.99 $5.40 for 100 pcs).

  • Grand Wisteria Trees: Anchor your space with the grandeur of fake wisteria trees, their purple blossoms cascading like a waterfall of florals ($1493.99 $1176.40 each).

  • Ripple Arch Chiara Panel: Introduce a modern edge with chic arch panels, adding an architectural element that is both contemporary and stylish ($429.99 $355.40).

    With these selections from Event Decor Direct, you can weave together a cohesive and immersive design that will captivate your guests. Each product, now available at a special price, is a building block to an unforgettable celebration, ensuring your event is not just seen but felt.

Step into a world where each detail is infused with care, and each moment is curated for wonder with IWED's design essentials.