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Add Ceiling Draping to TRULY *Elevate* Your Designs! đź’—

Jul 3 / The IWED Blog

Dream in Shades of Pink: A Masterclass in Wedding Elegance

Discover how to create an enchanting pink-themed wedding reception that beautifully marries romance with elegance. This IWED-curated design illustrates the power of soft hues and sophisticated decor elements in transforming any venue into a breathtaking wedding environment.

Featured Decor Elements

  • Dusty Rose Polyester Tablecloth: Elevate your table settings with this soft pink tablecloth, now only $35.99 $28.78. It provides a perfect base for intricate tablescapes.
  • White Chiavari Chairs: Complement your decor with these elegant chairs, formerly priced at $99.99 now $84.70, adding a touch of grace and comfort for guests.

Lighting and Accents to Adore

  • 12 Arm Crystal Empress Chandelier: Dazzle overhead with this stunning chandelier, previously $699.99 now $518.10, which reflects a cascade of light across the venue.
  • Metal Gold Candle Holder: Introduce a golden glow to your evening with these chic holders, reduced from $26.99 to $20.58.

Custom Enhancements

  • Custom Linear Drape Kit: Starting at $19.42, these drapes can be customized to enhance the vertical aesthetics of your space, adding layers of elegance.

Expert Insights from Lucy Molina

Lucy Molina, the Creative Director of IWED, shares her thoughts: "This bridal setup isn’t just about color coordination—it's about creating a sensory experience. The combination of the delicate pink drapes and the rich gold accents exemplifies modern elegance. Enhancing the venue with linear swags in the ceiling in a contrasting white tone complements the structural beauty of the setup, while the strategic placement of lights and floral elements adds depth and warmth, ensuring every angle is picture-perfect."

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