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It’s a Barbie Party and You're Invited!

Jun 11 / The IWED Blog

Step into a Barbie Dream with This Trendy Design 'Inspo'

Transform any event into a vibrant celebration with IWED's latest "Shop The Look" series, inspired by none other than the iconic Barbie. This design encapsulates the fun, femininity, and fashion of Barbie, turning an ordinary venue into a stunning pink paradise. Discover how you can recreate this magical theme with top picks from Event Decor Direct.

Key Elements of the Design:

  • Shimmer Wall Panels in Pink & Red: These panels create a dynamic and glamorous backdrop, perfect for photo ops and main stage designs. They’re now available at a reduced price of $384.40, offering both style and affordability.

  • Metallic Satin Table Runner in Pink: Add a touch of luxury to your tables with these exquisite runners, priced only at $8.99. They're perfect for adding a sophisticated sparkle to your table settings.

  • Pink Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces:
    Elevate your table decor with these unique centerpieces, now for just $25.81. They blend whimsy and elegance, making every table a conversation starter.

Featured Show-stoppers:

  • Barbie Lipstick Pedestal and Silhouette Shelf: At the heart of the display stands the life-size Barbie Lipstick Pedestal and Silhouette Shelf, priced at $299.85 and $36.85, respectively. These pieces are not only functional but also serve as striking decor elements that capture the essence of Barbie.

Lucy Molina’s Designer Insights:

Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, explains, "A Barbie Birthday Event is where the essence of the iconic doll comes to life. From balloons to shimmer backdrops, every element is chosen to create a captivating focal point that embodies Barbie's spirit. The life-size Barbie Lipstick Pedestal and Silhouette Shelf are the stars of the show, ensuring that your guests step into a world filled with charm and elegance."

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