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Standing The Tests of Time: Leaving a Lasting Impression with an EverGREEN Design đź’š

May 2 / The IWED Blog

Elevate Your Wedding with IWED's Royal Affair Emerald Theme

Step into a world of regal elegance and lush beauty with the IWED's "Shop the Look" featuring a stunning Emerald-themed wedding setup. Perfect for those who dream of a day filled with opulence and timeless style, this look blends rich colors with luxurious textures to create a truly majestic wedding experience.

Create a Wedding Fit for Royalty

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of emerald green and the gleaming touch of gold, IWED's latest collection is designed to transport you and your guests to an enchanting world where every detail is steeped in luxury.

Featured Products:

  • Glass Gold Charger Plates: Add a dash of splendor to each table setting with these exquisite glass gold charger plates, the foundation of an opulent tablescape ($159.99 now $119.15 for 8 pcs).

  • Emerald Green Crushed Taffeta Table Cloth: Drape your tables in the rich texture of crushed taffeta in emerald green, creating a sumptuous base for your dinnerware ($39.99 now $29.38).

  • Emerald Green Crushed Taffeta Napkins: Complement your tables with matching napkins, adding a cohesive and refined touch ($1.99 now $1.14 each).

  • Oval Back Chairs - Gold: Seat your guests in comfort and style with these elegant oval back chairs in a soft matte gold finish, perfect for long, joyful toasts ($179.99 now $148.10).

  • Soft Matte Gold Collapsing Frames: Frame your event space with these versatile and stylish collapsing frames, ideal for hanging floral arrangements or lighting ($169.99 now $124.99).

Design Tips from Lucy Molina:

"A royal affair demands nothing less than the best. For an emerald-themed wedding, choose lush floral centerpieces and set them against a backdrop of velvet linens and gold accents. Opt for oval back chairs to add a layer of sophistication and ensure your seating is as stylish as it is comfortable."

Why Choose IWED?

At IWED, we don't just teach event design; we inspire creators. Learn from our extensive resources and step-by-step guides to create your own stunning wedding setups. Become an Accredited Event Designer with IWED and turn your passion for beauty into a professional skill.

Embrace the elegance of an emerald-themed wedding and let IWED guide you in crafting a day that's as unforgettable as it is luxurious. With our expertly curated products and insightful design tips, your wedding will be the epitome of sophistication and charm.