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Drum Up a Dreamy, Warm, Endearing Table Top Design with Pastels!

Jun 21 / The IWED Blog

Discover the Elegance of Soft Glam with IWED's Bridgeton-Inspired Design

Step into a world where the charm of Bridgeton waltzes with modern elegance, brought to life by the Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED). Our latest "Shop the Look" feature invites you to recreate a scene that balances understated luxury with soft romantic hues, perfect for those seeking a blend of classic and contemporary styles for their events.

The Inspiration

The setting is inspired by the serene elegance of the Bridgeton series, known for its lavish gatherings and breathtaking aesthetics. The tableau centers around a harmonious palette of pastel blues, soft pinks, and muted golds, creating an environment that feels both regal and inviting.

Featured Items

  • Crushed Sheer Table Runner: Transform any table into a statement piece with this delicate table runner, now available for just $6.92.

  • Modern Alexa Oval Padded Chair - Gold: These stylish chairs, originally $179.99, are now just $148.10 and blend comfort with chic design to enhance any seating arrangement.

  • Embossed Glass Goblet - Blush: Add a touch of vintage to your table with these blush-toned goblets, currently on offer for $66.58 for a set of six.

  • Mercury Metallic Glass Candle Holder: Set the mood with these shimmering candle holders, priced at $209.76 for a set, reflecting soft light to create a warm ambiance.

  • Plastic Reef Charger Plate - Gold: Available for $143.52 for 24 pieces, these charger plates introduce a subtle luxury under each course.

  • Sleek Satin Baby Blue Napkin: Tie everything together with these sleek satin napkins, providing a soft touch of color for just $9.80 for a pack of ten.

Design Tips from Lucy Molina, Creative Director at IWED

"Creating an inviting atmosphere through a soft glam aesthetic can be both enchanting and effortlessly elegant," says Lucy Molina.

"For this Bridgeton-inspired setup, we focused on integrating luxurious elements that are subtle yet striking. The use of gold-finished charger plates and glass goblets introduces a sense of old-world charm, while the soft hues of the table linens and floral arrangements ensure the space remains light and ethereal."

Lucy advises, "When designing your event space, think about how each element interacts with the others. The key to a successful design lies in the details—ensure that your color palette flows smoothly and that each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic."

Why Shop The Look?

With IWED's carefully curated collections, you have the opportunity to create breathtaking designs that are tailored to your unique style preferences. Each product selected for "Shop the Look" not only complements the theme but also offers practical elegance that can be adapted to various types of events.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a formal dinner, or a special occasion, these pieces from Event Decor Direct will help you achieve a high-end look without compromising on style or quality.

Become an Accredited Event Designer

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