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Design Your Dream Wedding: A Marvellous Mixture of Land & Sea Elements

May 27 / The IWED Blog

Design Your Dream Wedding with Shop The Look's Enchanted Floral Elegance Series

Step into a realm of ethereal beauty and timeless elegance with IWED's stunning floral wedding setup, part of our exclusive "Shop The Look" series. Perfect for those who envision their special day draped in the beauty of nature and the charm of sophisticated decor, this look transforms any venue into a mesmerizing floral paradise.

A Symphony of Flowers and Sheer Elegance

This head table setup, as envisioned by Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, exemplifies the perfect marriage of opulence and artistry. Featuring lush floral arrangements and a delicate fabric backdrop, this design is tailored for couples seeking a romantic yet luxurious wedding atmosphere.

Key Elements to Recreate This Look:

  • Artificial English Rose Peach: These stunning artificial roses add a soft, romantic touch to any arrangement ($13.99 now $10.42 each).

  • Crushed Sheer Voile - Teal Blue: Drape your venue in this beautiful sheer fabric to create an airy, enchanting environment ($27.49 now $20.99).

  • Cylinder Plastic Votive 6 pack: Incorporate these elegant votives with floating candles to enhance the ambience with a gentle, flickering light ($8.00 now $5.00).

  • White Spandex Drape: Use this versatile drape to craft a pristine, elegant backdrop for your head table or ceremony space ($79.99 now $61.80).

  • Artificial Abutilon Platinum - Blush: Add these delicate artificial blooms to your floral arrangements for an added touch of blush ($12.99 now $9.72).

  • Metal Trumpet Floral Centerpiece: Elevate your floral displays with these classic gold-tone centerpieces, perfect for sophisticated table settings ($29.99 now $23.90).

Design Inspiration from Lucy Molina:

"This head table boasts a magnificent floral installation that blends the grandeur of gold-toned elements with the delicate charm of ocean blue and peach tones. The luxurious backdrop, made from custom-designed sheer fabric, adds a touch of romance and is perfectly accented by various gold-toned votives and glass cylinders with floating candles. This setting not only captures the essence of a fairy-tale wedding but also ensures that every detail contributes to an unforgettable atmosphere."

Why Shop The Look?

At IWED, we strive to not only inspire but also empower our students and clients to create their own stunning event designs. With "Shop The Look," you can easily access all the necessary elements to bring your dream wedding to life, supported by expert advice and high-quality products from Event Decor Direct.

Embrace the enchantment of a floral wedding setup with IWED's expertly curated designs. Transform your wedding day into a celebration that will be remembered for its striking beauty and sophisticated style.