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A Blue Engagement That Will Make You Feel Anything But Blue!

Jun 30 / The IWED Blog

Transform Your Engagement Celebrations with a Chic, Rustic Charm from IWED

Discover the elegance and sophistication that IWED can bring to your event designs with our latest inspiration—a serene and stylish engagement celebration setup that perfectly blends rustic charm with chic sensibility. With a palette of soothing blues and gentle blush tones, this design promises to create an unforgettable ambiance for any special occasion.

Create the Look with Event Decor Direct

Transform any venue into a breathtaking spectacle with the following key pieces, each chosen for their ability to enhance the aesthetic and atmosphere of your event:

  • Crushed Sheer Voile - Dark Blush: Softly drape your settings with this lush fabric, providing a backdrop of warm, inviting color. Priced now at $20.99, down from $27.49.

  • Artificial Hydrangea Rose Bunch - Blush: Add a touch of floral elegance with these lifelike hydrangeas, available for just $10.82, a steal from the original $14.99.

  • Sheer Voile Panel - Grey Blue: Introduce a calm, collected feel with these panels, now only $19.33, reduced from $25.99.

  • Mahogany Cross Back Wooden Chair: Ensure your guests are seated in style with these beautifully crafted chairs, priced at an affordable $83.97 each.

  • Sheer Voile Panel - Navy Blue: Deepen your color theme with these vibrant navy blue panels, currently $20.99, originally $27.49.

Styling Tips from Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED

Lucy Molina, renowned for her visionary approach to event design, recommends utilizing a one-panel backdrop with cascading shades of blue swags to create a visually dynamic setting. "This setup isn’t just about beauty—it's about creating an environment where every guest feels part of something truly special," says Lucy.

The combination of rustic wooden elements with luxurious textiles such as voile and hydrangea roses enhances the natural beauty of the outdoor setting, while the strategic placement of different shades of blue introduces depth and interest, making the event's design both unique and intimate.

Why Choose IWED?

At IWED, we don’t just teach you how to design; we inspire you to create. Each of our courses, including the Accredited Event Designer program, is crafted to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to transform any space into a masterpiece. Learn from industry experts in a hands-on environment, and start designing events that you and your clients will love.

Ready to elevate your event designing skills? Visit Event Decor Direct to shop the look and enroll in our courses to become an accredited event designer today. Make every event a memorable one with IWED's expert guidance and exquisite decor choices.