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Create a Your Own Enchanted Fairtale! Get The Look!

Apr 22 / The IWED Blog

Create Your Own Fairy Tale: IWED's Cinderella-Themed Wedding Wonderland

Every love story deserves a fairy tale setting, and with IWED's Shop The Look, you can craft your very own Cinderella-themed wedding that's straight out of a storybook. Let's step into a realm where every detail whispers enchantment and every element is steeped in elegance.

A Regal Affair with IWED

Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, guides us through a wonderland adorned with the most ethereal decor elements. Each piece is chosen to evoke the timeless romance of Cinderella's story, creating a setting that's as magical as the fabled midnight ball.

Design Your Dream Wedding with IWED's Magical Touch

Under the expert guidance of Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, we bring you a selection of décor elements that promise to weave magic into your special day.

  • Maria Theresa Chandeliers: Illuminate your love story under the grandeur of sparkling chandeliers, making every moment gleam with elegance ($699.99 $518.10).

  • Mirror Pedestals: Add depth and reflective beauty to your event design with sleek pedestals that speak of modern royalty ($402.99 $321.84).

Embrace the timeless charm and elegance of Cinderella's story with these specially curated items from IWED. By shopping the look with Event Decor Direct, you're not just preparing a venue; you're crafting an experience that stands as a testament to your love story.