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May 28 / The IWED Blog

Season 2, episode 5

Navigating Wedding Planning with Ease

3 Keys to Success:

  • No pricing in online inquiries or Insta DMs

  • completely customized, personal info/consultation packet

  • Expectations vs. Realities: Bringing the Clients Back Down to Earth

Finding Success By Planning for Success: The World of Event Planning 

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Listen in to the latest edition of the podcast as your host, Lucy Molina, is joined by veteran event planner, and Founder/CEO of Event By U - Miami, Stephanie Ulloa. She will share her pearls of wisdom, earned through all the trials, triumphs, and tribulations across more than a decade in the industry.

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What You Won't Want to Miss!

Get advice and heed the warnings when it comes to..

  • the importance of gratitude and always having goals

  • checking yourself, conquering "imposter syndrome," and being your own "#1"

  • How to work smarter, not harder - and even cases where you can RECYCLE designs