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May 10 / The IWED Blog

Season 2, Episode 4

Growth for 2024 
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Lucy's 3 Keys to Success:

  • Jumping in on stylized photoshoots and collaboration

  • building your "pyramid" to success on a SOLID foundation

  • being detail-oriented to save you headaches and stress while breaking the cycle of micro-managing

Looking to see the exponential growth for your design business in 2024 that you've always DREAMED OF? 

Listen in as host, Lucy Molina, Design Educator and Expert, discusses the concrete steps in her approach for business growth in the competitive and lucrative industry of event design!

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What You Won't Want to Miss!

Get advice and heed the warnings when it comes to...

  • networking events and how to make memorable impressions & lasting professional relationships

  • NEVER discussing pricing in your consultations

  • being a "YES person" without ALWAYS saying yes or OVER-promising