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Meet IWED Graduate, Candace Whitmore-Edgecomb!

Apr 16 / IWED BLOG

Design a Dream: Crafting Romantic Elegance with IWED's Wedding Decor

Located in Woodland, Maine, Candace Edgecomb, fondly known as Candy, co-operates W & E Events and Rentals LLC alongside her partner and husband, Christopher. Situated in Northern Aroostook County, their company specializes in luxury event design and décor rentals, with a firm belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience their dream wedding or event, regardless of budget. This narrative delves into their journey, passions, and aspirations.

A few quick facts about Candace:

 She has always had a deep passion for event design, particularly favoring the creative freedom offered by eclectic styles.
Apart from event planning, she manages two businesses: event design and a forage farm.

Candace engages in part-time modeling, boasting appearances on covers and inside numerous publications, along with competing in international competitions where she reached the quarterfinals twice.
In 2024, Candace was honored as a recipient of the Young Entrepreneurs for Maine award.

Passion for Event Design:

Candace's approach to event design can be characterized as eclectic and lavish, emphasizing intricate details that reflect individual personalities. Recognizing a gap in the market for luxury events, Candace and Christopher founded their own company, capitalizing on their complementary strengths and niche specializations. Seeking to enhance their skills and credibility, Candace pursued certification through IWED, opting for courses in luxury design and dance floor wraps, which provided invaluable insights and techniques.The Joy of Entrepreneurship:The autonomy of business ownership brings Candace and Christopher immense satisfaction. Setting their own expectations, shaping their brand identity, and witnessing clients' admiration for their creations are just a few of the rewards. They take pride in offering one of the most extensive event service selections in the area, encompassing everything from standard rentals to specialty items like custom backdrops and balloon designs.

Cherishing the Journey:The most fulfilling aspect of event planning, according to Candace, is witnessing the seamless execution of an idea. Before-and-after snapshots not only showcase their capabilities to prospective clients but also serve as a personal gauge of growth and improvement. Embracing new challenges and techniques is vital for their continuous evolution as designers.

Words of Wisdom:Candace offers advice to budding event planners: embrace experimentation and relish the process. Growth seldom occurs within the confines of comfort zones. Clients choose them for their expertise and creativity, so embracing uniqueness and letting passion shine through is crucial.

Future Endeavors: Exciting developments lie ahead as Candace and Christopher embark on expanding their business and realizing their long-term vision of creating a cutting-edge agri-tainment property. With determination and innovation, every dream is within reach.


As Candace and Christopher reflect on their journey thus far, they are filled with gratitude for the opportunities and challenges that have shaped them. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, W & E Events and Rentals LLC is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of event design. Join them as they continue to redefine luxury and create unforgettable experiences for their clients.