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IWED Success Story, Tamika Anderson

May 6 / The IWED Blog

An IWED Alumna's Journey

Tamika Anderson is a happy and successful IWED grad located out of Williamsburg, VA. Tamika gained her practical training from IWED's (Institute of Wedding & Event Design) Accredited Event Designer Program and The
LUXE Master Class. With the skills, she learned from these classes and honed by dealing with various client needs, she has developed and sustained her own business, Memorable Memories Event Decor & Planning (MM).

Tamika is originally from Jamaica Queens in New York, but currently working and residing in Williamsburg. Anderson claims she has always been drawn to the worlds of both creativity and surprise, which lends itself extremely well to wedding & events industry. 

She herself recently tied the knot, in June of 2023 and was able to celebrate such a joyous occasion while also playing a vital role in the decor choices, and stylings to her liking and specifications. As she has the known-how and experience, she was able to relay her tastes and expectations to the decorator and see it come to life. Her education and training allowed her to get the wedding she's always dreamed of and helped in completely transforming a space for the desired look, feel, and overall vibe.

Anderson's path to event design might sound odd, with many detours, but it's a story, we at IWED, hear often. People want to start over sometimes: begin in a new career; one they are passionate about. Pursuing one's passion is so important for living a fulfilling life. We want to help all our student to start doing what they love and loving what they do everyday.

For Tamika, her journey began with work in retail and hospitality. Hospitality and tourism jobs and services often translates well to the events sphere. She later transitioned to property management - all while nurturing her passion for design. 

In 2011, she was able to start her business MM. While her young aspirations to become a school teacher or a hairstylist, never came to fruition, she was able to use those necessary attributes of leadership, communication, creativity, and working with her hands to good use. With her trust in God and receiving guidance from His word, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." [Phil 4:13], she has truly found her calling. 

Her own philosophy for event design centers about small personal touches and "it's all in the details," says Anderson.

She goes on, "the magic lies in surprising clients with small, thoughtful touches that reflect their unique preferences and memories shared during consultations."

Humble Beginnings

As Tamika assures, you don't need a bunch or money or to know everything to just get started.

"The spark for me to start my own business ignited when a friend posed to me a simple yet profound question: why don't you start your own business?"

From there, she set out on a new path to achieve her dreams. Wanting to elevate her skills and deliver impeccable service to her clients, she pursued education and training with The Institute of Wedding & Event Design. She explains, "The classes not only enhanced my skills, but truly equipped me to lead a team effectively." Tamika discovered IWED through searching online and despite a few years of delay, took the plunge when she moved to VA.

Owning a business, for Tamika, is not merely a dream of hers anymore. Something she thinks of and says, "oh well, one day..." No, it's today! It's right now! Anderson says that her dream is now a reality and one that brings her immense fulfillment. She gets to play leading role in transforming other peoples' dreams into realities now and that is the most rewarding part of her whole, long, journey to success. 

3 Fun Facts About Tamika:

  • My world is painted in shades of blue: my favorite color.
  • I hold a special place in my heart for the timeless characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
  • If you want to win me over, then a bag of strawberry Twizzlers is the way to go!

What's Next?

With a love of designing and the joy she receives from it, Anderson has no plans of slowing down. Currently, her and her team offer comprehensive wedding planning services, covering everything from the begging consultations, "mood board-ing," and concept/theme discussions; to vendor selection and management to the actual event design and decor; plus, day-of coordinating. You could say that Tamika & Memorable Memories is a full-service event planning and decorating company. 

She says, "the joy of seeing the pieces of the event puzzle fitting together perfectly together is unparalleled. Standing in the back of the room, seeing the smiles and excitement, is a constant reminder of why I love what I do and why I love weddings."

As for the next steps for Tamika and MM, Anderson says that she and her husband are planning their long-awaited honeymoon, which is on the horizon for later this year. They are also now looking at purchasing their very first home: a major milestone she can now pursue with the success of her business, and with special thanks to IWED's training, she admits. Tamika is eager to see what the future holds for both her relationship and her business, but anticipates a grand adventure no matter what! She wants to allow for continued growth personally and professionally. 

How Can You Find Success Just Like Tamika?

Anderson's best advice for anyone wanting to do what she did and become a wedding planner or designer is to "just do it! Start!"

She continues, "For those dreaming of starting their own business, you need to follow your heart. Take it one step at a time and don't give up on yourself. No matter what - there is room in your life to do what you love!" And here at IWED, we think those are very wise words. 

If you really want to be like Tamika, if you're considering a career change; if you're a passionate creative with an eye for design; if you're a person who works well with a team, and face-to-face with customers; if you love getting your hands on a project, then you should truly consider education and training with The Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED).

You can be just like IWED grad, Tamika Anderson, and find success doing what you love; what you've always dreamed of! 

We at IWED are here to help you turn your passion into a career. And you can follow in the very footsteps of Tamika by taking on our signature program, Accredited Event Design, or our luxury design course, The LUXE Master Class.