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⏰ EARLY BIRD ALERT! Professional Event Florist ➛Deerfield Beach, FL ➛ August 19-21, 2024

Jun 30 / The IWED Blog

Step Into The World of Florals

IWED's unrivaled floral training program will surely launch a new career as a florist. Our 3-day, hands-on certificate training program includes specifically designed curriculum to take you from zero to hero!

The Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED) is renowned for transforming passionate individuals into skilled creators of breathtaking events. We continue our tradition of excellence by offering an exclusive opportunity to master the art of floral design through our PEF® | Professional Event Florist Course. Set in the vibrant environment of Deerfield Beach, FL, and available globally via our digital campus.

This course is designed to unleash your creativity and elevate your professional skills.

Why Join IWED's Professional Event Florist Course?

IWED stands out as a beacon of innovation and expertise in event design education. Our courses are meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive, hands-on training that equips you with the skills needed to excel in the competitive event industry.

We'll walk you through all the core arrangements professional florists NEED TO KNOW to make it in the biz: from boutonnieres and corsages, to bridal bouquets, small just-because and calendar holiday arrangements, to large event centerpieces.

Course Highlights

  • Expert-Led Tutorials: Learn from industry leaders who bring their vast experience and insider knowledge directly to you.

  • Practical Skills Development: Engage in real-world exercises that teach you how to handle, select, and assemble floral arrangements for various types of events.

  • Flexible Learning: Access our resources at your pace, from anywhere in the world, thanks to our state-of-the-art digital campus.

What Sets Our Florist Course Apart?

Our curriculum is not just about teaching the basics; it's about immersing you in the world of professional floral design. The course covers:

  • Advanced Design Techniques: From selecting the right blooms to crafting complex floral structures.

  • Business Acumen: Learn the business aspects of being a professional florist, including client management and budgeting.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and professionals to build valuable relationships within the industry.

Special Early Bird Discount

And right now you can GET MORE FOR LESSWhen you enroll in our PEF® | Professional Event Florist class for this coming August or beyond, with 30+ days to spare before the class date, you'll qualify for our Early Bird offer and get $200 OFF the cost of your tuition!

We're excited to offer this Early Bird Discount for all our upcoming in-person sessions to make high-education and all our vocational design training programs more accessible!

This is a unique opportunity to invest in your future at a reduced cost. Don't wait to turn your passion into a career! You can start doing what you love and loving what you do by enrolling now in our
 PEF® | Professional Event Florist Course.

Your Pathway to Becoming a Professional Florist

Whether you're aiming to start your own floral design business or want to add to your existing event planning skillset, IWED’s Professional Event Florist Course is your gateway to success. Join us to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences with the power of flowers.

Don't wait—take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and secure your spot in one of the most sought-after floral design courses available today. Embark on your journey with IWED and bloom with success!