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⏰ EARLY BIRD ALERT! Professional Balloon Decorator ➛Deerfield Beach, FL ➛ July 13-14, 2024

May 27 / The IWED Blog

Inflate Your Creativity at IWED's Professional Balloon Decorator Class!

Prepare to transform your event design skills this summer at the Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED). We invite you to join our Professional Balloon Decorator class on July 13-14, 2024, at our picturesque campus in Deerfield Beach, FL. This class is designed for anyone looking to add a unique and vibrant touch to their event styling repertoire.

Why Balloon Decor?

Balloon decor is an essential element of celebration, adding flair and color to any event. From elegant weddings to high-energy parties, the versatility of balloon artistry can elevate your event designs, making them memorable and impactful.

What to Expect from the Class

Our Professional Balloon Decorator class goes beyond the basics of balloon tying and inflation. It immerses you in the world of creative, high-end balloon decor, teaching you:

  • Advanced Balloon Techniques: Learn to create intricate designs and structures that can become focal points at any event.
  • Color and Texture Combinations: Understand how to select the right balloons that complement the event’s theme and enhance the overall aesthetics.
  • Hands-On Projects: Engage in practical sessions where you apply your new skills in real-world scenarios, ensuring you have the confidence to execute beautiful designs on your own.

Learn from the Best

IWED’s instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both teaching and executing stunning event designs. They are excited to share their knowledge and passion for balloon artistry, helping you unlock your creative potential.

Networking and Career Advancement

Participating in this class not only boosts your skills but also connects you with other aspiring event designers. This network can be invaluable as you grow your career, providing support and opportunities for collaboration.

Beautiful Deerfield Beach Location

Our dedicated teaching facility is more than just a venue; it’s a source of inspiration. The natural beauty of Deerfield Beach complements the creative atmosphere of the class, making it an ideal place to learn and explore new ideas.

Secure Your Spot Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your event design skills with IWED’s Professional Balloon Decorator class. Enrollment is open, and by signing up now, you ensure your place in one of our most popular classes.

Join us in July and start your journey towards becoming a professional balloon decorator with IWED!