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Shop The Look! Create an Avant-Garde Wedding Theme with These Core Stylings

May 28 / The IWED Blog

Experiment and Make It 'Avant-Garde' with the Help of Shop the Look

Transform your wedding venue into a modern masterpiece with IWED's latest Shop The Look series. This setup, crafted by Lucy Molina, Creative Director of IWED, captures an avant-garde wedding concept that focuses on a dramatic and sophisticated sweetheart table, elevated both literally and stylistically.

Key Elements of the Look

Lucy Molina has artfully combined sleek modernity with classic elegance in this design. Here’s how you can recreate or customize this look using high-quality products from Event Decor Direct:

Elevated Sweetheart Table

  • Farm Table: Start with a solid base; our rustic yet refined farm table provides a robust foundation for elaborate settings ($1026.99 now $834.38).

  • Slatted Plinth Pedestal: Use our uniquely designed pedestals to add height and drama to your floral arrangements ($429.99 now $385.15).

Luxurious Draping and Floral Accents
  • Sage Stretch Drape: Frame your venue with sage-colored stretch drapes to create a serene and lush backdrop ($49.00 now $21.55).

  • White Artificial Roses: Incorporate these elegant roses to introduce softness and a touch of romance ($105.99 now $92.32).

Customizable Details
  • Custom Printing Dance Floor Print: Personalize your dance floor with a custom print that complements the overall design theme, starting at $140.85.

Designer's Tip from Lucy Molina

"In this visionary setup, the focus is the sweetheart table, adorned with rich wood and elevated with lush florals. Gold collapsible frames add sophistication and height, anchoring the design. A sage-colored drape simplifies the draping process while breathing life into the space. For an extra touch of uniqueness, consider a custom printed dance floor."

Why Shop the Look?

At IWED, we provide more than just education; we offer inspiration and practical solutions for event designers. Our "Shop The Look" series is curated by top industry professionals to ensure you have access to the best products that can bring your creative visions to life.

Whether you are planning your own wedding or designing for a client, our "Shop The Look" series helps you achieve a breathtakingly unique ambiance. With expert recommendations and access to top-quality decor items, creating a space that is both elegant and personal has never been easier.

Embrace the art of design with IWED and Event Decor Direct, and turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Discover more and start creating your dream wedding with Event Decor Direct.