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4 Steps to an Amazing Warehouse Corporate Event Design

Corporate event design is one of the most creative fields in the world of event planning right now. Every business wants to stand out, and most are branching out into all kinds of new venues, styles, and themes that can be a lot of fun to work with. One of the latest...

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5 Tips for Exceptional Corporate Gala Event Designs

If you’ve been tasked with planning a gala event for a corporate client, you know that big things are expected. The word gala brings to mind festivity, lavish event design, and big success for corporate fundraising. But you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with...

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Expand Your Event Design Clientele with These 4 Tips

When you are trying to build your event design business, one thing that you are always going to be working for is more clients. While repeat clients are always a great thing, having a consistent flow of new clients is part of what helps you earn that event planner...

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4 Design Concepts to Energize Nonprofit Events

Nonprofit events are a unique challenge for anyone who has ever tried to plan one. The budget is usually limited, and often the point of the event is to raise money or awareness – or both. With that very specific goal in mind, the event design has to be focused, and...

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4 Unforgettable Low-Tech Event Designs

One thing we talk about quite often in our event design program is how to use technology to make your event design more immersive and experiential for guests of all sorts. Technology can be a great tool for making an event reach further, mean something deeper, and...

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How to Wow Attendees with Experiential Event Design

One of the many industry buzzwords you’ll hear as you explore an event management degree is “experiential event design”. This phrase simply means that your guests don’t want to just attend a meeting; they want to experience something that makes them part of the event...

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How to Add the Unexpected to Traditional Wedding Design

How to Add the Unexpected to Traditional Wedding Design

There is something about a wedding that can bring out the desire for tradition in even the most modern and eclectic couples – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style or your yearning for a fairytale wedding. There are many ways to compromise so...

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4 Wedding Planner Faux Pas & How to Avoid Them

4 Wedding Planner Faux Pas & How to Avoid Them

Wedding planning is a tough job for anyone, but if you’re interested in earning that event planner salary, you have to be able to navigate the common pitfalls of the most romantic event of a person’s life. These four wedding planner faux pas are common among couples...

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