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How to Get Into Floral Design

Some people remember the music; some people remember the food and some are in awe of the venue. But you recall every stunning – and sometimes not-so-stunning – detail of the flowers. You take photos of arrangements. You sneak into people’s yards to snapshots of unique...

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

So, you’ve found ‘the one’!  The person that understands you better than anyone else.  The person you knew from your very first meeting would be ‘the one’.  The person you can’t imagine not being by your side, caring for you and supporting you on your big day. I’m...

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What Does An Event Stylist Do?

Event Stylist.  Wedding Planner.  Special Occasion Decorator.  You have probably heard all those terms and many more, but do you know what they are and what they do?    The term ‘decorator’ is pretty straightforward.  They . . .well . . . decorate.  It’s differences...

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Designing a Traditional Beauty Wedding

Typically, a couple getting married decides to decorate their venue in a traditional way. This way can be known as a traditional beauty wedding. Even though every couple can have a different interpretation of what a traditional beauty wedding is to them, IWED...

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Executing Successful Client Consultations

Working in the wedding industry means that you encounter many couples throughout the year. Whether you are a wedding planner, wedding designer, a wedding venue, a floral designer, or anything within the realms of weddings, you know that taking care of your clients is...

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Receiving the Best Bridal Reaction

As an accredited event designer from IWED, your ultimate goal is to get the best bridal and groom reaction when you show them their finished event space for the first time. But how can you achieve this? Wedding Design and Décor You can already be confident that you...

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Floral Designs Then and Now

It is always important to highlight a topics history to understand the background. Today, IWED wants to highlight the history of floral design. The importance of this is to come to terms with how people used floral design way back when and compare it to how floral...

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Designing a Winter Wedding

It's the time of the year where the warm summer sun has vanished and the moon comes out quicker than we are used to. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it, we are heading into the winter season. Some dread it, others can’t get enough. Being a wedding designer might mean that...

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