Ceiling draping is an art taught to wedding and event designers to make an event absolutely stunning. Different styles of ceiling draping can make a wedding or event unforgettable. Imagine the look on the guest’s faces as they walk into a magical event with beautiful draping throughout. There are many ways to be creative with ceiling draping and design.


Here’s how you can wow your clients with incredible ceiling draping ideas:



Start from the center and create draping to the outside walls. This elegant design will be the focal point of your design. Guests will look up to this simple, yet classy display and admire the design. This is an example of the starfish ceiling draping idea. This draping idea is the most common and can be done many various ways. Be creative!  

ceiling draping

Light Accentual Draping

Use the ceiling draping as your accent decor. Light draping throughout the ceiling will provide subtle wedding decor that guests will admire. This draping idea will not take away from the rest of the wedding/event decor. This style of draping is commonly used and can be done several different ways. This is an example of light accentual draping.

ceiling draping


Incorporate panels in your event decor. If you want the ceiling drapes to be a major piece of decor, have them coming down from the ceiling in panel fashion. The sheer drapes will create a magical decor that guests will enjoy and take notice of. This is an example of panel draping.

ceiling draping

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