Event decor is the focal point of your event. From the lighting to draping, to various accents, these components make up the event production. At the Institute of Wedding & Event Design, we teach the fundamentals of event decor and event production. Our accreditation program allows students to learn the essentials of wedding design and event decor. Our program will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful event designer.

How can using color enhance the theme of your event?

Color is an important aspect of event decor and design. The color scheme you choose directly correlates with the overall theme of your event. What event are you hosting? What mood are you trying to convey? These are questions you must ask yourself prior to planning the event production.

If you are looking to enhance the theme at your event, consider this. Accents of color amongst dull schemes enhance the theme and overall feel of an event. Color can make an event seem brighter and more electric. If you are planning a classic wedding and your color scheme includes white, off white and black, add accents of red to enhance the theme of your event. When you think classic, romantic wedding you dream of black, white and red color schemes. The accent of red makes the event truly stunning as it is not the focal point, rather an accent.

Colors can make or break an event design. You must have clear, consistent communication with your client when planning an event with a color scheme. Ensure that they have reviewed the color schemes numerous times upon approval. Express your ideas and creativity regarding colors. Enhancing the overall theme of an event through color is a subtle way to make your design seem more complex. Accents of color will truly enhance your event in the most discreet way.
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