Lighting is an affordable alternative to create a stunning event for your client. Unlike flowers and other decor, lighting is relatively inexpensive in comparison. Lighting can make an event stunning with a few different ideas and tricks. The lighting of an event can change the entire feel and mood associated with the event. Beautiful lighting can be a noticeable piece of decor, while poor event lighting can be detrimental to an event and the overall decor.

Transform Your Event

Transform your event with lighting techniques. Get creative and think of ways to light your event in a way that guests will admire the decor. There are different ways to incorporate decor into your decor. At IWED Global, we teach different lighting techniques and the importance of event lighting to create a stunning event. Whether you’re designing a wedding, reception, party, etc. It is your job as the designer to wow your guests with your creativity and attention to detail.


If you’re designing a “traditional” event, add chandeliers to make your event truly stunning. Chandeliers not only provide beautiful lighting, but are stunning pieces of decor. These pieces are timeless and can add the extra touch to make your event an inspiration.  


Incorporate lighting into your centerpieces. Make your centerpieces less elaborate and use them as lighting pieces. These centerpieces will serve as lower, mood lighting for guests to enjoy. Make your centerpiece soft decor adding the lighting to accentuate the piece.


Candles, similar to chandeliers are a timeless form of event lighting. Candles are stunning for weddings and make for romantic, soft lighting. You can use candles as accents to prior decor. The photos of the event will be intimate and show the mood of the event.

Bold Lighting

If your event is modern or you want a bold pop of light or color, bold lighting is an option. Use strong forms of light to light the event to make a statement and bring focus to that piece of decor. Prior to using bold event lighting, always discuss this option and show plenty of examples to your clients.

Strand Lights

For less traditional events, strand lights are a rustic alternative. Use strand lights to light a barn wedding that will create a stunning piece of decor. Guests will be drawn to the intricate lighting, hanging by strands as decorations. Strand lighting offers room for creativity and various placement options.


Lanterns are a great lighting option for various events. There are many different lanterns to choose from depending on the event you are designing. Guests can interact with the lanterns and will be mesmerized by their presence. These visually appealing pieces of decor offer more than pretty aesthetics. They also serve as a great way to light an event, without overlighting.  Providing enough lanterns will allow your event to be lit appropriately without harsh lighting or too much exposure.
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