There many different ways you can use fabric draping to transform a boring room into a magical venue of your dreams. With just a few strategic twists and turning of abundant fabrics, you can discover that the room you once abhorred can actually hold a lot of promise.

Create Ceiling Draping

Nothing says decadence like a ceiling created by draped fabrics punctuated by a hanging glass chandelier. When you choose a white fabric, you can place colored lights on the floor to shine onto the ceiling draping, creating changing ambiance—especially when the bass drops for all of your guests to break out their favorite dance moves.

Hide Unsightly Poles

Gather flowing fabrics and your favorite ribbon to hide away unsightly support poles for tents and ceilings. Amp up the level of décor by using flowers and jeweled ornaments to accent your ribbon ties. It’s a great way to make sure that everything in your event decorations matches your theme and color palette without stress.

Transform Seating Arrangements

Sometimes, the chairs provided at your event venue might not be what you imagined. No problem. Use fabric to drape over the entire seat and back of the chair, then fasten in place with a ribbon sash that matches your entire décor theme. Fabric draping can help make your theme cohesive.

Add Depth Along Walls

Layer different colored and weights of fabrics along the walls of your reception area. Doing this will add depth and a sense of luxury to your event space. You can have a subtle color to tie the entire room together, accented by pops of bolder colors that show off your personality.

When working with fabrics, it becomes suddenly so easy to change the feel of a room. You’ll have an abundance of colors and textures to choose from, making creating a custom reception as easy as pie.