There is nothing quite as magical as an outdoor wedding complete with the beauty of the outdoors and love in the air. Create the perfect outdoor wedding when you combine event lighting and draping to represent the love you share with your special someone. Follow these three simple tips below to design a space as unique as your love.


Let decadent layers of drapes create an intimate, elegant and beautiful vibe at your outdoor wedding. Use them to surround your space, provide shade for your guests from the beating sun and serve as backdrops for a time to be remembered. You can use the drapes to create a ceiling canopy or bundle them in the center to include a lighting focal piece.


Keep the party going even when the sun goes down by lighting up the dance floor with disco lights and disco ball. If you want to unwind in a more relaxing reception event, choose beautiful candles to set the ambiance for a chilled and cool vibe. You can also combine the charm of a chandelier with elegant draperies as a centerpiece. Paying attention to event lighting will provide an enjoyable atmosphere for your attending guests.


Truly incorporate the beauty of the outdoors into your wedding by weaving in the local flowers in your area. Use wildflowers in your bouquets and flower arrangement centerpieces. You can also use single flower stems as placeholders and seating assignments for your guests.

Wherever your wedding may be, in the Bahamas, in your backyard or even across the sea, making sure no detail is overlooked is part of what will make your special day a true success. To learn more about wedding and event planning, be sure to visit us online.