If you have ever wished to get out of the nine-to-five rat race, you are not alone. A large portion of employees today wish they could change their careers – but not all of them have an idea where to start. A career as a wedding planner is a fantastic option for someone who loves to help people make beautiful memories – but there’s a lot more to this career than playing Cupid. Here are a few signs that you should use this summer to get that wedding planner certification!

Should You Be a Wedding Planner?

Have you always been considered a Type A person? Do people ask you how you manage to get so much done? Do you live by checklists, to-do lists, goals, spreadsheets, and annual reports? If you like order and attention to all the little details, then you’d probably make a great wedding planner. Learning how to design a gorgeous wedding, how to work with vendors, and the other aspects of the industry are what we can teach you in our professional wedding planner certification course. But having the right type of personality for wedding planning is something that can’t be taught.

You must be able to be very organized, and you must be the calming voice in every potential conflict. It’s up to you to make sure this day is the best day of the couple’s life – and if that sounds fun, rather than daunting, then keep reading!

Why Start on Your Wedding Planner Certification This Summer?

One of the hardest parts of making a career change is finding the time to get the education or training you need for the new job. Many people simply can’t leave their current job until they are already making an income elsewhere – and that’s totally understandable.

That is why we’ve created a wedding planner course that is offered online, and can be accomplished at your own pace. You can get your education at night, on your lunch hour, when traveling – or whenever it fits into your schedule. There are also training courses that happen all over the world if you decide you’d rather get the hands-on training in person. The summer is a fantastic time to start because summer is such a busy time for weddings. You’ll be able to find examples and opportunities for study all around you, and by this time next wedding season, you could be ready to start your wedding planner career.

But the more important reason to start right away is to get your dream life accomplished now! It’s never too soon to start learning new skill sets, and building a new career. Let IWED Global help you become a wedding planner this summer; check our our wedding planner certification course today.