The IWED Student Kit is ONLY available to IWED Alumni at a heavily discounted rate thanks to our sister supply company – Event Decor Direct! The AED Start Kit includes everything you need to execute all of the designs from the IWED Curriculum (outside of ceiling draping) & usually retails for $1,600 but as an IWED Online student, it is available for just $899+S&H ($999 for in-class students). This kit includes:

  • 4x 6-10ft/1.8m-3m EZ Series Friction Lock Uprights

  • 4x Super heavy duty 15lb/6kg galvanized steel baseplates

  • 5x 7-12ft/1.5m-3.6m Drape Support Bars with button locks

  • 2x Double crossbar hangers (Small)

  • 2x Double crossbar hangers (Large)

  • 10x 10′ Crushed Sheer

  • 4x 21′ Crushed Sheer

  • 1x 30′ Crushed Sheer

  • 4x 21′ Satin Panel

  • 1x 30′ Satin Panel

  • 1x Cinderella Skirting

  • 20x Brooches or Buckles

  • 4x Sashes

  • 1x IWED Tool Kit