Planning an event comes with great responsibility. Event design is an essential part of the planning process. As an event designer, you are responsible for making critical design choices that will set the tone for your event. Today, we will talk about the psychology of color selection, let’s dig deeper.


Choosing a color palette for your event will truly set the tone for your overall event. All of the event decor will be based onthe color scheme you select. There are different routes you can take, depending on the nature of the event. We will highlight a few event design ideas that reflect a color selection. At IWED Global, we teach the essentials to our future event designers, including the importance of colors.


Light and Bright

Are you designing an outdoor event? Or perhaps a spring company party. If you’re event is light-hearted, friendly and potentially outdoors, “light and bright” color schemes would be appropriate. This color palette involves light greens, blues, pinks, yellows and oranges. Make this type of event fun, upbeat and lively through your color selection. It is your job as the event designer to make the design represent the style and tone.


Bold and Chic

Are you designing a cocktail party? Or perhaps a 20-30 something birthday bash? These events are particularly fun because creativity is encouraged! Be bold and chic through the colors you select! Bold include reds, purples, blacks, greens, blues and other vibrant colors. In order to be truly bold and chic, consider pops and accents of colors to shine through your event. It will enhance your event design and bring the attention to the colors you chose.


Elegant and Formal

Are you designing a wedding or baby shower? These types of events typically fall under the “elegant and formal” category. Elegant event design is shown through light, pastel colors that compliment the theme of the event. Weddings include sheer, lace, draperies, whites, pastels, salmons among other event decor. Always keep the colors in mind when designing an event and the psychology behind the selection.


Color selections are made based on our feelings and emotions towards an event. We choose colors that represent the overall theme and style that shine through our design.
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