Master Branding Course | Atlanta | June 14-15 | 2022

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Master Branding Course | Atlanta | June 14-15 | 2022


June 14-15, 2022



Crowne Plaza, Atlanta GA

201 Aberdeen Pkwy, Peachtree City, GA 30269

Join us for 2 incredible days of hands-on business branding education in Atlanta, Georgia! Network with other industry professionals as you learn all the necessary skills & techniques to brand your business WELL and do it the RIGHT way. Transform your brand presence and book bigger higher-paying clients and events. Our small class size and hands-on approach to education will empower you to boost your business and bolster your credibility as a leader in the wedding and event design industry.

IWED's Master Branding 2-Day Hands-On Training Course makes it easier for you to build your business around a BRAND that is geared to attract high-end clients without spending thousands of dollars on paid marketing and business courses.

  • Do you have PASSION and a drive to succeed? 

  • Do you have a creative flair and fun personality you can use to DRIVE sales?

  • Do you want to wake up every morning feeling your work brings you joy and yields RESULTS for yourself AND your clients?

  • What if you could finally be doing what you love and get paid to do it?

Right now, there are thousands of people across the country who have pursued their passion and are living the life they've always wanted because they got the tools to succeed! Get on the RIGHT path with Master Branding...

If you're an experienced event industry pro or finding your footing, this 2-day course can teach you the ins-and-outs of branding yourself and your business successfully! By doing it the RIGHT way, you can become the MASTER of your brand. If you've been trying to gain exposure, traction, and clients and you think you've tried EVERYTHING... it's time to try MASTER BRANDING.

Sometimes, we need a little help along the way and this is the vital step to your success and will establish you as a recognized leader in the industry. 

You’re going to LOVE this class! Here’s just a taste of what you get...

  • THE SOLUTION to build a brand that gets results - FAST!
  • AVOID spending thousands $$$ on business courses trying to build yourself and your business up, when ONE 2-day course can help you attract the high-end clientele you've been trying to book. 
  • Learn how to become #1 in your area!
  • Speedily book bigger events and higher-paying clients with a better, refined, and consistent brand identity... even if you're not sure you can do it (YOU CAN!)

  • Get answers and concrete on how to build a business around a brand that is guaranteed to attract high-end talent. 
  • Eliminate the "freak out" factor when it comes to attracting new clients -- definitively!

Your journey to becoming the Master of YOUR Brand starts the moment you walk in the door... even if you think you don't have the skills necessary for success or the time and money needed to gain those skills... MASTER BRANDING will teach you what you need to know in 2 days!

You're getting $5990 in value for a fraction of the cost. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to take some business course, full of theory and abstract concepts when MASTER BRANDING is ready for you now -- with ANSWERS NOW. Concrete examples and REAL LIFE practical knowledge. 

Pay just a fourth of what this course is truly worth! And pay in 12 installments of $129 ...making this accessible and manageable for all business owners who want to learn to grow and expand, sustainably through BRANDING.

You could keep slowly growing your business and losing massive opportunities with high paying clients, you could spend $5000 per month getting overpriced agencies to build your business for you, or you could run ineffective ads and pay thousands of dollars driving leads to your business that don't buy, or you can do what other industry-leading designers have done and take the easy, fast and affordable option which is IWED's Master Branding course.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot in this class before it sells out and join thousands of other successful IWED students who have found success doing what they love and finally living the life they deserve. Begin your IWED journey today. 
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    "I was just like you!"

    Words alone can't explain the amazing experience you will have when you take this class.

    This class is everything you're envisioning and so much more!

    Join IWED Today and take the first step towards living the life you've been dreaming of as a fully Accredited Event Designer®

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    What Students are Saying


    At the time it seemed very expensive but now that my revenue has doubled it doesn't expensive at all.

    T. Jackson - South Carolina

    After completing our classes my daughter and I have both received a lot of inquires and we have been hired to design events.

    Erin A. - Michigan

    Our company BLEW....UP.

    J. Winchester - INDIANA

    The course reaffirmed that I know what I’m doing. It also gave me additional knowledge to achieve my goal of having a successful business after retirement from my professional career.

    Paulette T. - Ontario, canada

    IWED is the place to go, if you're thinking about being a designer. The instructors are friendly, patient, kind and they make learning easy.

    E. Thomas - new york

    The classes are a legitimate life changer both personal and professional. You Absolutely will not regret the decision to take the course mentally and financially.

    D. Sanders - TENNESSEE

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