As an event designer, you may think that visual design is the only powerful tool you can use to set the scene. In our event design courses, we teach ways to set the scene by using creative and unique elements. Design entails creativity and out of the box thinkers. With the help from our curriculum at IWED Global, you will be prepared to set the scene using the knowledge and skills you learned in our lesson plans.

Let’s now talk about the power of using scents to set the scene at your event. We know how colors, design and accents can make an event truly stunning. How can we incorporate scents in order to set a scene for your guests? How can we use the power of scents to deliver a message?

Scent is one of the strongest senses you have. Your sense of smell attributes to your mood and happiness if you find the scent pleasing. At your event, there are a few different ways to incorporate scents into your event based on the theme, nature of the event and guests in attendance.

Here are a few examples how scent has set the scene:

Fall Weddings

Who doesn’t love the fall? The colors and pumpkins alone make us happy! If you are designing a wedding, suggest adding powerful scents to your event to make the event truly special. Add scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla and more. Your guests will feel like they have been transported to a fall day with a warm cup of cider.

Events Held in Venues

Any event held in a venue is risky. You run the risk of the venue smelling musty or being overrun by the smell of food or other factors. Freshen up the venue with scents of the beach, flowers and more. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with the wonderful scent accompanied by beautiful decor.

Event design means everything from the invitations to the linens, fabric, venue all the way down to scents. Learn about how you can become an event designer through our accredited program today!