There are endless choices to choose from when it comes to event decor. How do you know you are not only making the right decision, but the best decision as well? Having guidelines can help, but it gets down to it, the only thing that matters is that you’re happy with the decision you made. For flowers, there are a few tips to consider for making sure you are comfortable with your decision.

For instance, consider your budget. Flowers can turn out to be some of the most costly décor choices for many events, especially weddings. Try your best to choose flowers that are in season to help lower costs. You can also decide to focus on the more important arrangements, such as your bridal bouquet or reception centerpieces.

Your flowers should also complement the look and feel of your wedding dress. Depending on the style of your dress, a certain type of bouquet might look best. Considering your frame, tall or petite, you won’t want your bouquet to become lost in layers or overwhelm your presence.

Before deciding on any bouquet, be sure to visit your local nursery and florist to see what may be available come your wedding date. Ideally, plan a visit one year before your set date to see flowers that will be in season when that time comes around.

When you do decide to visit your florist, bring a bit of inspiration along. Paint chips from your local hardware store that represent the palette you plan on using for your event are fantastic resources that your florist will appreciate. Also bring in a picture of your venue and dress to illustrate the look and feel you envision to provide guidance to your florist.

We hope these helpful tips will make flower selection easier for excited couples looking forward to their special day. To learn more about wedding planning and choosing event decor, please browse our blog for a variety of topics.