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Accredited Event Designer ONLINE delivers you the full IWED experience anywhere in the world via our custom built Digital Campus!

Learn the same skills & techniques as you would in-class, but at home at your own pace. With the IWED Student Kit you’ll be able to complete your own backdrop & designs for review by our Online Instructor. You’ll also get to attend live-streamed lessons and access to special deals and discounts from Event Decor Direct.

Course Outline

Our Course Structure is focused on building your skills over 4-days of hands-on education and 1 day of business education. 

The skills learned throughout the course will be invaluable to you as an event designer and will teach you the most efficient way to achieved a desired look or feel. The business day will provide you with a how-to on how to launch & run a successful event business.

  • Unit 1: Backdrops
We start with the basics of event decor – hardware, terminology, fabrics & the various backdrop styles.
  • Unit 2: Ceilings
Unit 2: Ceilings Learn how to properly execute various ceiling drapings – includes the techniques & hardware necessary to do so.
  • Unit 3: Tabletop Decor
Learn how to properly execute table drapings as well as a variety of centrepieces, and styles of tabletop decor.
  • Unit 4: Ceremony
Utilize the skills you’ve obtained through the course to build a stunning 4-post canopy with your peers.
  • Unit 5: Business
Learn the in’s & out’s of effectively running an event business – with sample contracts, templates & guides to get you going.
  • Digital Marketing and Growth
Access to over 70 videos, plus the Accredited Event Designer seal which will solidify you as a top designer in the area!

Learn all about the Advantages of IWED Online

Don't waste time trying to figure out when you should start your career in wedding and event design, get started NOW. You can take your business to the next level with a hands-on or online education from IWED!

Learn to master the style and design concepts that IWED has taught thousands of students before you to launch their careers in this billion dollar industry. Why wait? Get started today and turn your passion into a career with IWED Online.

Virtual Accredited Event Designer Program

From $95/month Book a Consultation

Accredited Event Design Online is built on our custom Digital Campus which takes you through the exact same lesson structure as our in-class programs!

Each lesson contains all the videos & content needed to execute the various designs & assignments at home with your IWED Student Kit. You then upload photos & videos of your work for review by our online instructor, Flami.

This course includes:

  • Step 1: Select Your Student Kit
We have arranged an unbeatable discount for all of your hardware needs from Event Decor Direct. Get your hands on some of the best material in the industry. You will use the kit to study but also to generate revenue as you book your first event.
  • Step 2: Kit arrives in 5-10 business days
You will have everything you need to master these techniques in the comfort of home.
  • Step 3: Log Into Your Digital Campus
The beauty of Accredited Event Designer Online is that the course is done at your own pace on your mobile device and desktop computer. You can focus your time on your studies while living your life the way you want to.
  • Step 4: Watch Step-by-Step Videos
Accredited Event Designer Online is built on a foundation of high quality designer training videos that will walk you through every technique at your pace.
  • Step 5: Submit Your Designs
Our online instructors all have a minimum of 15 years experience in the field and are ready to provide feedback on your work.
  • Step 6: Get Accredited From Home
Don't let your dream career wait. Join Accredited Event Design Online and take that important step towards a career you can be proud of in wedding and event design.

Sarah Jenelle

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I live at home with my two kids (5 & 7) and just getting a moment to focus on myself is sometimes hard. But IWED Online allowed me to work through the course at my own pace, and now I am proud to say that I quit my job and am a full time wedding and event designer. I get time with my kids and still time for myself. This is the life I always dreamt of."



Our curriculum is taught by industry experts who show you the right way to execute magazine-cover worthy designs.


Post-demonstration you work with the instructors and the rest of the group to build out the various elements of the event, from reception to ceremony & more.


Afterwards there is an open discussion and Q&A on the design elements, techniques and tools used during the execution portion.


We do this for every stage of the event, so you can understand how designers pull off top-tier events for luxury hotels and celebrity clientelle.


It was a great online experience! I was able to work at my own pace and get instructor feedback. It also taught me the foundational skills that I need to be successful in this industry. It increased my knowledge and my creativity.

Tracee Carter

Tucson, AZ

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