Accredited Event Designer

Our signature program! Learn how to execute stunning backdrop drapings, table decor, ceiling drapings, ceremony structures & more! Offered both in-class or online, our 24-lessons will prepare you for a career in the wedding & event business or to launch your own event design business. Join over 1,000 graduates and become an Accredited Event Designer today!

Course Outline

Our Course Structure is focused on building your skills over 4-days of hands-on education and 1 day of business education. The skills learned throughout the course will be invaluable to you as an event designer and will teach you the most efficient way to achieved a desired look or feel. The business day will provide you with a how-to on how to launch & run a successful event business.

  • Day 1: Backdrops
We start with the basics of event decor – hardware, terminology, fabrics & the various backdrop styles.
  • Day 2: Ceilings
Learn how to properly execute various ceiling drapings – includes the techniques & hardware necessary to do so.
  • Day 3: Tabletop Decor
Learn how to properly execute table drapings as well as a variety of centrepieces, and styles of tabletop decor.
  • Day 4: Ceremony
Utilize the skills you’ve obtained through the course to build a stunning 4-post canopy with your peers.
  • Online Running a Business
Learn the in’s & out’s of effectively running an event business with sample contracts, templates & guides!
  • Online Resources
Access to over 70 videos, plus the Accredited Event Designer seal which will solidify you as a top designer in the area!

How Our Course Works

Our original Accredited Event Designer Program has been one of the most sought-after programs across America! We have a hands-on approach to education which gives you the knowledge & skills to execute beautifully designed events! Jumpstart your career in the event industry by joining IWED in one of 20 locations across America and get certified as an Event Design professional!
  • Step #1: Choose Your Location
Our course is offered in 20+ Cities across America as well as our Digital Campus & dedicated Florida Campus.
  • Step #2: Get Excited
Get excited! Make the appropriate plans for getting there each day on time & that you have a comfortable place to stay!
  • Step #3: Join us for 4 Amazing Days
The course will take up 4 full days from 9am to about 4 or 5pm with an hour break for lunch. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing!
  • Step #4: Learn Industry Techniques
Watch as our instructors show you the best way to create stunning backdrops, ceiling drapings, table decor, 4-post canopies & more!
  • Step #5: Execute Your Own Designs
Execute the same backdrops & table decor as our instructors with 1-on-1 support & guidance. Take photos & show off your new skills!
  • Step #6: Get Accredited
At the end, you will be awarded our Accredited Event Designer seal showing completion of our industry-leading event design program!

Grow your business and be recognized as a top designer in your area with an Accredited Event Designer Certification! Once you’ve completed our program, either in-class or online, you’ll be awarded our Accredited Event Designer seal – which will lend to your credibility as a top designer in your industry.

You will leave this workshop with extensive new design skills so make sure to capture all your hard work on a smartphone or camera.

Accredited Event Designer

From $245/month Enroll Today

The Accredited Event Designers is IWED's most popular course. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques used by industry leaders in wedding and event draping design. This 4-day course has transformed the lives of thousands of professional designers. You could spend thousands of hours on YouTube learning these techniques without hands-on experience, or you can learn the smart, affordable and professional way by joining IWED at a city near you.

This Course Includes:

  • 4-Days of Hands-on Draping Design and Professional Guidance.
  • Access to the IWED Network of event professionals and on-going resources.
  • An insider look at best practices for creating high-value events and gaining dream clients.
  • All materials & equipment included - just bring your camera and start building your portfolio!
  • Ongoing resources to help launch your business and start earning revenue
  • Access to our online campus as well as in person training

Shannon Tenneson

San Jose, California

" I spent so much time wanting to start my career. Asking friends and family if I should do it. Finally I took a chance and joined IWED when they came to my city. My life is TOTALLY different now as I spend all of my time designing the most gorgeous events. The look on my clients faces says it all. I can't imagine doing anything else."



Our curriculum is taught by industry experts who show you the right way to execute magazine-cover worthy designs.


Post-demonstration you work with the instructors and the rest of the group to build out the various elements of the event, from reception to ceremony & more.


Afterwards there is an open discussion and Q&A on the design elements, techniques and tools used during the execution portion.


We do this for every stage of the event, so you can understand how designers pull off top-tier events for luxury hotels and celebrity clientelle.


It was totally amazing. I mean it was so incredible, something to
just die for, the experience that we got, everything that we saw, the
hands on aspect – it was just amazing. I can do a whole lot now – top

Faticia G.

Talladega, AL

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