Event.Decor.Direct is our sister supply company and is responsible for supplying both IWED Global & IWED Online students with their inventory, fabrics, piping & decor materials. We’ve also worked closely with Event.Decor.Direct to develop special deals, sales and offerings that are exclusive to IWED students & alumni. We stand behind their products & customer service which have served us reliably for over 5 years now! Learn more by clicking their logo…

Gorilla Pipe is our supply company for all of our uprights, crossbars and baseplates. The ultra-durable piping systems that Gorilla Pipe provides IWED is essential as our team travel around the entire country and hit bumps along the way. Even when the going gets tough, Gorilla Pipe gets tougher, and have served our students reliably since day one!



Eddylight is our supply company for our lighting and technical needs. With a wide range of affordable yet powerful lighting, as well as many instructional and educational videos, Eddylight helps our students enter the lighting business with the confidence and knowledge to offering lighting in conjunction with their decor services! Learn more at www.Eddylight.com!

RentalTrax is a leading provider of cloud-based rental inventory management software. RentalTrax is a complete start-to-finish solution for rental companies by providing inventory & client relationship management tools, invoicing and financial tracking software as well as countless plug-ins and add-ons to meet you needs, you can turn RentalTrax into a completely customized solution for your business.



The Wedding & Event Institute is one of america’s premiere online wedding and event schools. IWED & WEI have partnered together on the ASED+M class that enables students to take their education and certification to the next level. In conjunction with the ASED+M offerings, WEI also provides a multitude of other programs that can assist with the planning & logistical aspects of weddings & events – click their logo for more info!