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Learn how to execute beautifully designed tone-on-tone curtains plus a few additional techniques for simple floral centerpieces!
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Tone On Tone

Curtain Backdrop

Up & Over Technique Length: 15 minutes Difficulty: Easy
Curtains are a simple yet elegant design element that can be used in a variety of styles. In this lesson we will go over the simplest of curtains execution using what is known as the Up & Over technique.
When this technique is combined with other elements you can create stunning backdrops that can work at any event, be it a wedding, corporate function or bar mitzvah! When mixing & matching design elements, consider where the similarities and contrast exist between all the design elements. Is it the color, the texture or perhaps both? Would lighting enhance or detract from the focal elements? These are all important questions to consider before execution. By doing so you can ensure your design is cohesive through-out the event and resonates with your clients!
Tone on Tone curtains with baby blue curtain ties.

Step By Step

  1. Begin by placing your base plates on the ground in the desired locations.
  2. Attach uprights onto the 2 pegs located on bases.
  3. When gathering fabric to create your curtains, keep in mind the fabric length needs to be twice as long as your final backdrop height.
  4. Use 2-4 pieces of fabric per panel, depending on how many curtains and half curtains you have planned. Stand back and plan where your curtain ties will be located.
  5. Find the middle of your curtain fabric. Throw the fabric up and over your basic backdrop, placing the middle of the fabric on the drape support. Spread the curtain fabric evenly across the drape support, ensuring the width of the top edge of the curtain display are equal to one another across the entire backdrop. Ruche and add sashes.
  6. Raise upright poles to desired backdrop height.
  7. Begin by standing in the middle of the backdrop, gather the fabric using the hand over hand method, creating fabric gathers. Loosely secure these with pipe cleaners. Once all curtains have been gathered, stand back and make sure each end is symmetrical. The recommended height for gathering should be 5’ from the ground.
  8. Pull fabric from the top of the fastening to achieve either a flowing Victorian look or keep edges and lines clean for a more modern look. Repeat for each side of the curtains.
  9. Use tiebacks such as rhinestone banding, floral accents, brooches and buckles to secure curtain. These elements will add the finishing touches to your design. Add uplighting and additional accents as desired.
Tone on Tone curtains with uplighting.
Two Tone curtains with vintage frames & bird cages.

Tablescapes & Centerpieces

Simple Tablescapes Length: 20 minutes Difficulty: Medium
Tablescapes are an integral part of any design and are often the first thing guests, or clients, see when they enter the room, so be sure to be a large focus on the different elements that will make up the tablescape.
Take a look at the video below for some simple yet beautiful tablescapes you can design with elements sourced from your local markets.
Simple Floral Elements & Centerpieces

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