The current trend in event design involves natural elements and color schemes. Many events are focusing on themes that incorporate nature and earth tones into their design. As an event designer, it is your job to think creatively to bring these thoughts to life through your design!

Through our event design courses, you will learn the importance of client communication, the design process and much, much more. At IWED Global, we teach the fundamentals of wedding and event design through an in-person workshop or online portal. After completing our event design courses, you will graduate from an accredited event design institute! We teach an entire course about the use of centerpieces, let’s talk about how magical a nature-based one can be.

When you think of a nature based centerpiece, what do you see? This can mean many different things. When we use nature-based centerpieces we see a few different elements. This could mean flowers, plants or water. Let’s explore each of these options.


Small plants, leaves and other natural-based centerpieces can be truly stunning. Enjoy the aesthetics that a simple plant can provide your centerpiece. For instance, if you were planning a wedding in say, Arizona, a small cactus arrangement as your centerpiece would be magical and fit with your theme perfectly.


Flowers are a beautiful centerpiece, no matter the occasion or event. Flowers offer simplicity with room for creativity. Choose a flower arrangement that will reflect the tone of your event and serve as the focal point of your design. Your guests will admire the centerpieces as they sit at their table. This is an important part of event design!


Water can be a centerpiece in different forms! From small waterfalls, to vases filled with rose petals and water, this element can be used in your centerpiece design. Get creative! Water is practically free and can create stunning visuals for your design pieces.

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