Picking event decorations can sure be overwhelming, but it’s those little details that matter when it comes to making a lasting and memorable impact. From linens to table settings, flowers to lighting, and seating arrangements and more, paying attention to each touch can help personalize your wedding to reflect your personality and love.

One way to alleviate the stress of tackling decorations for your entire event is to enlist the assistance of a professional event designer. Event designers are creative experts who will bring attention to detail and endless options to your well-decorated table. You won’t regret having one join your wedding planning team, we promise.

When you begin choosing color palettes, take the season of your wedding into mind. There are endless options, of course, but pastels tend to be more popular in spring, while rich, jewel tones look best during the cooler seasons. Think about the atmosphere you would like to create, as well as what colors you’d like to use as primary and accent colors.

This year, we’ve seen many couple incorporate memories they share into their wedding decorations. For example, sentimental moments such as a shared vacation to Paris have shown up as vintage street lamps at an outdoor wedding. Think of what moments or places mean the most to you as a couple, and try to incorporate those into your setting to make your wedding truly a reflection of your loving relationship.

Like we said, the littlest things tend to make the most meaningful impact. Think of a grandmother’s brooch included in the bride’s bouquet, a fraternity badge pinned into the inner sleeve of a shirt or even a favorite sports team included on cufflinks. Find small ways to include important moments you share with your favorite person in the décor details to make a lifelong memory you’ll want to repeat again and again.