Lesson 3



Your hardware is the main building block for your events & backdrops. 

the first step to this is understanding the hardware that is needed for your design goals. In this lesson we will cover the physical hardware and aluminium piping that provides support for your fabrics and decor. These pipe systems come in many forms and sizes with a variety of purposes and weight/height limits.

3 Essential Components of Pipe and Drape:

  • Base plates (and pins)
  • Drape supports
  • Uprights

Knowing what upright system best fit your needs is an important first step when investing in your inventory. If you work in venues with really high ceilings, then you may want to invest in uprights with a higher maximum height. Purchasing hardware that offers multiple height options covers the majority of venue set ups.  Whatever your needs – there is a size and style that will fit your requirements!


Duration: 10-15 Minutes


Difficulty: Easy



  • Uprights

  • Baseplates

  • Crossbars

  • Decorator Tool Kit

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