Lesson 2




How do chairs match or change the atmosphere of an event?

Similar to backdrop draping there are many variations, styles and techniques that can be used. Any draping techniques used for a backdrop can also be applied to a table. A designer recommends a head table draping to help tie together multiple tables and staging into a fluid design. It is the designer’s job to know the different options available and to choose a cohesive design.

The traditional style uses soft draping with curved lines, with details such as brooches, tassels or wide ribbon accents. It is often associated with a soft romantic style. Modern styles have clean, straight lines, minimalism, lack of clutter, bold accent colors, and little detail.


Duration: 10-15 Minutes


Difficulty: Intermediate



  • 2-4″ Florals

  • Clippers

  • 1/2″ Width Ribbon

  • Attachment Pin

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