Lesson 1



What are the key elements of a tabletop design? How do they all tie together?

Tabletop design is a fundamental step in your overall event design. It fuses all the varied elements together and creates a smooth transition for the eye. Think of your tabletop as a clean palette for design and an open invitation for creativity. It allows you to reflect the personality of your client and your abilities as a designer. It creates the atmosphere that guests talk about all night long. Why design a wedding that looks like all the others your clients have seen? Showcase the details you want guests to be wowed by when they arrive. Layer those details so guests continue to talk about the design as the night transpires.

Creating beautiful tabletops is a great way to maximize budget. When multiplied they create huge impact in the room. Use all the components taught in Elements and Principles of Design and carefully plan their effects.


Duration: 10-15 Minutes


Difficulty: Intermediate



  • 2-4″ Florals

  • Clippers

  • 1/2″ Width Ribbon

  • Attachment Pin

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