James Lester


As CEO, James’s leading role is to facilitate growth of both the talented instructors and the students of IWED Global. With 20 years of Event Production and Design experience, he is not only one of the Founding Partners of IWED, but also the 1st traveling instructor, which enabled him to lay the groundwork and create the program that inspires thousands of students each year. In addition, James is also the Founder of Event Decor Direct.

Andrew Walker


Andrew oversees the financial operations of the Institute of Wedding & Event Design. With nearly two decades of experience in operating online businesses, he also assists marketing, e-commerce and operational strategy. When Andrew is not working, he loves spending time fishing, boating and adores his daughter Emma.

Elizabeth Johnston

Creative Director

Elizabeth’s role is to create leading edge, creative courses that provide a high standard of learning. She has recently completed our exciting new 2.0 curriculum and is writing our new Floral Design program. Her event experience spans over 20 years and she has diplomas in business, floral design and wedding planning.  Her advice, “You are your image.  The smallest details set you apart from the competition.”

Benjamin Lowrey

Executive Director

Benjamin has extensive experience growing businesses both locally and internationally. Having executed a comprehensive rebranding of IWED Global, it’s CRM & digital growth as well as developing its over-all marketing strategy & growth trajectory, Benjamin continues to be a driving force behind the expansion, development, and delivery of IWED Global’s curriculum across the globe and in new territories.

Nicole Blackwelder

Director, Student Services

Nicole has been with IWED since inception and has been instrumental in managing our sales department, fostering student relationships and building policies. Nicole is a graduate of psychology and has a vast background in the field of sales.  She is known for her energetic and outgoing personality and her high level of student commitment.

Cynthia Bijulisingh

Online Instructor

Cynthia has been a creative force all her life and brings a relentless passion for design. She has a background in event and floral design, as well as interior design and home staging. She loves to encourage students to pursue their goals and believes in the quote: “On the path to success, fear and discomfort are only speed bumps. Don’t make them dead ends.” -Lilly Singh

Tina Boucher

Lead Instructor

Tina comes from a strong background in Residential and Commercial design and found Event Design was the perfect complement to her existing services. She is one of the first Alumni students form IWED. She has successfully run her company Interior Accents for over 15 years in Northern Maine. Her favorite saying is: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Carmen Escalante

Spanish Instructor

Carmen is co-owner and founder of A Perfect Event by Carmen based in Los Angeles California with her Executive Chef husband Sergio.  Her passion for creativity started in Dance Choreography and Interior Design.  Carmen is excited to be our Spanish Instructor and assist the Latin Community to further their skills in the Wedding and Event industry and learn techniques required to start their own business.

Reima Abouarabi


In addition to being the founder and lead designer at Èlan Event Planning & Design, Reima comes with experience in a variety of cultural traditions and corporate environments.  With a business degree in finance, she has found a unique way to fuse her ethics and skills in business with her creative eye. Her passion for designing continues to grow from her countless years of experience both formally and informally.

Heidi Rossiter


Heidi is an accomplished floral designer of 23 years and is an IWED alumni. Her passion has always been based around the wedding and event industry.  She operates her own company, Mod Bloom specialising in event and custom floral design in Janesville Wisconsin.

Cathy Lane

Canadian Instructor

Cathy Lane brings a high level of passion and over twenty years of experience in the event industry in Ontario.  Cathy also has an extensive professional art and design career, is a trained floral designer, a certified wedding planner, has business certificates and stages for photo shoots and magazines and is a sought-after guest host and consultant.

Jackie Phillips

Canadian Instructor

Jackie has been with IWED since the beginning sharing her experience, creativity and innovation with every Canadian class. Producing lavish events for over 10 years, Jackie’s eye for design, love for weddings and events and stellar reputation make To Suit Your Fancy one of the most sought after companies in the Toronto Region. 

Raquel Brantley

Tour Manager

Raquel is a wife, mother, grandma, and a Bachelor of Arts graduate. As the IWED Tour Manager, she loves interacting with students and watching their confidence grow. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating good food, fishing, travelling and having the opportunity to work alongside her husband Antoine; who works as IWED’s Logistics Manager. 

Antoine Brantley

Logistics Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the home remodelling, construction and commercial driving, Antione is a “Jack of all trades”. As the Logistic Manager, he is responsible for getting the team, equipment and materials from city to city, across the nation safely. He enjoys family time at home, listening to music, fishing, working out and having the opportunity to work alongside his wife Raquel; who works as IWED’s Tour Manager.

Christine Tu

Media Specialist

Christine graduated from the University of Central Florida, majoring in animation. As a child, she loved to draw and has a passion for creating art. As part of our Graphics Department, she works closely with our Creative Director creating videos and student materials.  Did we mention her second love is dogs? 

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