As you enter a profession where client communication is a major of your success, it is critical to know the importance of good client communication. In the world of event decor, client communication is first and foremost in order to be successful. At IWED Global, we don’t only teach you proper event management and decor techniques. We instill the values and understanding that your clients wants and needs are your top priority.

Why is good client communication so important?

In an industry based on creativity, you first have to interact with a client to understand their desires. With event decor, requests and wants can easily be confused and misconstrued without good client communication. Taking the time to communicate effectively with your client will make all the difference in your success. Knowing exactly what your client wants, how they feel during the process and what to expect at the event will make your job much easier.

What is good client communication?

This is a great question. Part of being an effective communicator is knowing that that means. Your client is hosting the event. Your client will ALWAYS remember the event. It is your job to make their event decor dreams a reality, within the realm of possibility. It is your responsibility to keep your client updated and happy throughout the process. You want your client to feel confident and pleased with their event decor and management before the event takes place. Leave room for no surprises on the day of their event.

Where can you learn good client communication?

At IWED Global, we offer in-person and online accredited courses for those interested in wedding and event design. Our program consists of 5 units, divided into 24 comprehensive lessons. During this time you will learn the fundamentals of design, event planning and management and good client communication. Our curriculum is taught online through an interactive course, or by a 5-day in-person workshop depending on your preference.
Visit our website to learn more about our program. If you’re looking to get started or possibly make a career change, now is the time! At the Institute of wedding and event design, becoming a professional wedding and event designer couldn’t be easier! Get started today!