You’re getting married, congratulations! Now the fun, sometimes stressful, part happens – wedding planning.

Whether you have decided to take this challenge on yourself or hire it to be done, planning a wedding can be overwhelming.

Wedding Planner – Why Hiring One Gets the Work Done

Let’s face it, you have a busy life. Balancing work, family and friends, your life is consumed with busy work days and even busier weekends. Now you have to account in time to plan your wedding. That’s a lot to add to your already busy schedule.

Simply hiring a wedding planner can allow you to stick to your busy schedule while someone else takes care of your big day.

Of course, you will have to dedicate time to work with your planner to align your vision of your wedding day.

Planning a Wedding Checklist

Still thinking that you want to plan your wedding? We are positive that you can; although, let’s take a deeper look into this huge challenge you are taking on.

Excited wedding plannersChoosing a venue, table setup, centerpieces, ceremony space, an officiant, finding a caterer, gathering all of your decoration – the list is never-ending.

Choosing a to hire a wedding planner can alleviate you from organizing the small details. As a client, you get to have fun choosing colors, backdrops, table settings, and more. Don’t forget about the food tastings either, those are always enjoyable!

Of course, you can tailor in time to be a part of this fun process!

Stress is taken away from clients when they don’t have to plan all of these arrangements to settle the small things. Clients are simply responsible for showing up when their planner tells them to.

What a Planner Does for You

Choosing the right wedding planner means you have chosen to hire a professional in the industry. Wedding planners have gone through multiple training sessions and classes to excel their abilities and talents.  Not to mention, if you hire a professional, your wedding won’t be the first wedding that they have planned.

Here’s a sneak peek at what your wedding can look like from hiring a professional planner. Your wedding planner will know to hire event decorator from IWED to turn your event space dreams into reality. Take a look at what accredited designers can do for your wedding!


As you can gather, hiring a knowledgeable planner can give any couple an ease of mind knowing that their wedding visions and dreams are in great hands.

How Brides can Help their Wedding Planners

Finding the right wedding planner means that you have chosen an excited, positive, hard-working and passionate planner to work tirelessly for your wedding day. What can you do to help your wedding planner?

Other than sharing and aligning your visions for your wedding day, there are a few things you can do to build your relationship between you and your planner.

Every couple should understand that you probably aren’t your planners only client. Wedding planners are experts in multi-tasking, but like anyone else that multi-tasks, it can be easy to mix up details.

Don’t get offended if your planner accidentally mixes up a component of your wedding with another. Politely question them about the mistake and move on. Just like you are living a busy life, so are they.

Having this common understanding will quickly build a strong relationship between you and your planner. A relationship that could go beyond just planning for your wedding.

Finalized space from wedding plannersWedding Plans that Work

Now that it’s decided that you’ll be getting a planner, let the fun begin! Get together with your wedding planner today to align your visions to start the planning process.

All of us from IWED wish you and your significant other a lifetime of happiness. Happy planning!