At IWED Global, we believe that Hands-On Training is the greatest and most effective form of education. Our newly developed Floral Program is taught over the course of 5 days, and at our brand new teaching facility.  

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Mission Statement 

The Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED) is the Event Industry’s preferred hands-on event education school. Our proven curriculum gives students the knowledge and resources to take this MULTI-BILLION Dollar Event Industry by storm!

Become an Accredited Floral Designer in 5 days and turn your passion into a career!

Our Program 

Master the Art and Business of Event Floral Design in just 5 days. Our cutting edge 5 day Workshop Cirriculum will teach you how to create profitable floral designs that will propel your event business to the next level! Become an Accredited Floral Designer this year.     

By providing a focus on specific areas of expertise in event floral, we can deliver an unrivaled education in the event industry.


  • 40+ hours of interactive training
  • Each day covers multiple units
  • Unique hands-on approach to learning
  • All Supplies provided (fresh flowers, vases, scissors, etc)
  • Taught by Industry professionals
  • Flexible & affordable payment plans
  • 10 students per session

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Day 1: Introduction to Floral Design

Lesson 1: Floral Supplies

Learn about the supplies required to run a successful floral studio.  Includes; mechanics, essential floral supplies and tools.

Lesson 2: Container Options

Discover the many container options available for floral design, how to choose the correct size and best utilize for your arrangements.

Lesson 3: Floral Care

This in-depth lesson teaches the importance of floral care and how to increase the life span of your fresh floral designs.  This lesson includes; preparation, conditioning, receiving florals, flower processing, storage and leading industry tips from our Creative Director.

 Lesson 4: Floral Varieties

Explore the most popular floral varieties, their importance in wedding design, top selling event florals, rose variety guide and floral resources.

Day 2: Flower Designs and Consultations

Lesson 5: Types of Floral Design

Learn the main types of floral design including: line, mass and filler floral including the purpose, importance of each type and the steps to arranging in design.

Lesson 6: Floral Arrangement Forms

This hands-on portion teaches the varying styles of floral forms including; symmetrical, asymmetrical, vertical, dome and horizontal arrangements with lots of images to inspire you.

Lesson 7: Head Table Arrangements

Be inspired with tips, tricks and inspiration to ensure your head table arrangements impress.

Lesson 8: Consultation and Proposal Guidelines

Explore consultation and proposal guidelines including; how to use a floral fan deck, floral forms and creating an engaging proposal.

Day 3: Mastering the Perfect Centerpiece

Lesson 9 Elements & Principles of Floral Design

Review Elements and Principals of floral design including color theory their applications for floral design.

Lesson 10: Costing Event Floral

Master the formula to effectively cost your flowers for maximum profit including; markup, labour, packaging and transportation.

Lesson 11: Creating Profitable Centerpiece Designs

In this fun hands-on portion of the class you will learn how to apply the principals you have learned and create the top 10 money making centerpiece designs.

Day 4: Bouquet Design

Lesson 12: Choosing and Preparing Personal Flowers

Tips on choosing personal flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages with impact, variety and longevity.

Lesson 13: Wire and Taping Techniques

Learn the proper method of wiring and taping for structurally sound boutonnieres and corsages.

Lesson 14: Hand Tied Bouquets

Learn the steps to create a stunning hand tied bouquet including loose organic and round bouquet design.

Lesson 15: Bouquet Holder

Learn the steps to create a bouquet in a bouquet holder including; choosing the correct holder and ensuring your design is structurally sound while remaining visually interesting.

Day 5: Boutonniere and Corsage Design

Lesson 16: Boutonniere Design

This hands-on lesson teaches boutonniere design including; popular flowers, pin and pocket styles and how to properly pin a boutonniere.

Lesson 17: Corsage Design

This hands-on lesson teaches corsage design including; choosing your floral, wrist and pin corsage design and creative design components.

Lesson 18: Transportation and Packaging

Learn how to transport and package your arrangements

Lesson 19: How to Create Floral Bows

Learn how to create a basic florist bow including options for ribbon choices.

Lesson 20: Factors Influencing Your Industry

Marketing statistics, tips on the best social media to propel your floral business and industry links to inspire you.

Lesson 21: Technical Terms

A guide to the technical terms you will use in the floral industry.

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“I just finished the Boca Raton class and I loved it!!! The instructors were great and I enjoyed meeting and working with all of my classmates. This class was worth every penny!!!”

Staci Franklin

Boca Raton, 2016

“I chose IWED because it was cost efficient & gives you an all-inclusive hands-on education in modern events. The instructors and staff of IWED are astounding & their hospitality is remarkable.”

Vivian Sands

Boca Raton, 2017

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