Lesson 3

Beautiful Bouquets


Creating a beautiful bouquet means bringing many complementary elements together!

The bridal bouquet is the centerpiece of the wedding florals – it is the first thing your emotional bride sees on her wedding day and the accessory that will accompany her beautiful gown and be pictured in every photo. It needs to surpass her expectations. You can only create the perfect bouquet through excellent communication – it’s
important the clients clearly explain their vision and participate in choosing their flowers.

Additionally, the more knowledge you have about flower varieties and pairings, the more you can customize the bouquet. Arranging a hand-tied bouquet is a methodical process. If you add your groups of flowers in the same sequence and turn the bunch slightly in the same direction every time you add a flower or a foliage stem, you should ensure that you won’t place the same flowers next to each other as the bunch builds up.


Duration: 10-15 Minutes


Difficulty: Advanced



  • Variety of Long Stem Flowers

  • Clippers

  • Ribbon or Centerpiece Holder

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