Lesson 1



What makes a boutonniere special? What are the key elements?

Boutonnieres are the finishing statement to a gentleman’s ensemble for any formal occasion. The type of flower used in a boutonniere will depend on the event’s color palette or the wearer’s personal style, but the basic technique to assemble one is the same. They’re easy to make and offer a great profit margin.

Creatively detailed boutonnieres are time consuming and take planning. Ensure you are charging enough to allow yourself creative freedom as a designer in these highly photographed designs. It sounds simple to create one, but designing the entire wedding party is very time consuming. Always design the groom and fathers different from the rest of the wedding party unless directed otherwise. This adds a totally different dimension to the wedding images. It is important to remember to be gentle with these delicate designs. If you bruise the flowers your boutonniere will fall apart within a few hours and/or discolor.


Duration: 10-15 Minutes



Difficulty: Intermediate





  • 2-4″ Florals

  • Clippers

  • 1/2″ Width Ribbon

  • Attachment Pin

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