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Floral Training & Certification Program
Starting at just $129/month
Master the Art and Business with our Floral Design Certification Program in just 5 days. Our cutting edge 5-day Workshop Curriculum will teach you how to create profitable floral designs that will propel your event business to the next level! Become an Accredited Floral Designer this year.

By providing a focus on specific areas of expertise in event floral, we can deliver an unrivalled education in the event industry.

Flower Arrangement Classes

Advanced Florist Designer Training Courses

Our course structure is focused on building your skills over 5-days of hands-on education & floral design classes.
The skills learned throughout the course will be invaluable to you as an event floral designer and will provide you with the knowledge & skills to create profitable floral arrangements for a variety of events.

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Floral Design Classes

From $129/month 

Our cutting edge 5-day Workshop Curriculum will teach you how to create profitable floral designs that will propel your event business to the next level!

This Course Includes:


Introduction to Floral Design


Designs & Consultations


Mastering the Centerpiece


Bouquet Design & Holders


Boutonniere & Corsage Design

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Online Resources & Supports

Floral Arrangement from IWED
Day 1: Introduction to Floral Design

For the first day we look at the various floral supplies available to you, as well as floral varieties and care options.

Day 3: Mastering the Centerpiece

Day 3 is all about the centerpiece. Learn how to create centerpieces of various heights, styles and florals.

Day 5: Boutonniere & Corsage Design

Learn how to create gorgeous boutonnieres & corsages from the design to wiring & taping techniques

Day 2: Designs & Consultations

On Day 2 we focus on design & composition. Looking at various arrangements and costing of flowers

Day 4: Bouquet Design & Holders

Design stunning hand-tied bouquets with custom holders that will appease the most demanding of brides.

Online Resources & Supports

Access to over 70+ Videos to review, plus the Accredited Event Designer seal which will solidify you as a top designer in the area!

Step 1: Choose Your Date

Choose the date in which you want to attend at our dedicated campus in located in beautiful Deerfield Beach, FL.

Step 3: Join us for 5 AMAZING Days!

The course will take up 5 full days from 9am – 6pm with an hour break for lunch. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing!

Step 5: Build your own Bouquets!

Create your own stunning bouquets & floral designs! Document your work and share your skills on social media!

Step 2: Get Excited!

Get excited! Make the appropriate plans for getting there each day on time & that you have a comfortable place to stay!

Step 4: Master the art of Floral Design

Watch as our instructors show you the best way to create stunning floral designs as well as proper floral care & more!

Step 6: Get Accredited From IWED

At the end, you will be awarded our Accredited Floral Designer seal showing completion of our industry-leading event design program!

Become A Certified Floral Designer

Our Event Floral Design Classes teach you how to design & construct gorgeous florals that can be highly profitable!

Each day covers a different part of floral education – starting from the basics & moving on up to advanced florals, centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres & more. All the materials are provided in-class and our talented instructors will teach you everything you need to know in the world of floral design!

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Learn to be a Designer that leaves an impression on clients. There will be various break away sessions that are all designed to bring you insight on how a design is executed from start to finish. Lead by top-tier industry professionals who each provide a unique perspective and their signature designer touch!

To get the most out of the course you should be:


Individuals with little or no experience, but who aspire to create luxury style events!


New ideas for design and flow that will increase your profits and streamline how you operate!


Driven creatives who want to pursue designing events for high-end clients.

Plus you can network with industry professionals from across America get answers to your questions about the latest event trends – as well as access to video materials & post-workshop content that will empower you to take your event business to the next level!

IWED Luxe Masterclass

From $99/month 

This course is designed to provide you with the technical & practical skills to effectively execute stunning high-end events and decor – from draping, floral, ceiling & lighting.

This Course Includes:


Two-days of expert education


Post-graduation videos & tips


Contract & Communication Templates


Hands-on technical skills


Facebook Alumni Group


Future Discounts on IWED Programs


Book a 15-minute course consultation with one of our talented Enrollment Specialist who can answer any questions you might have and find the course which is right for you!


Rose Simon

Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Oh my gosh – the LUXE Class is Top notch. It’s taken design to the luxury level, it’s a lot of very good information. I enjoyed it and it was a great experience.  With this class, I’ll be able to decorate professionally and expand my business”

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Our curriculum is taught by industry experts who show you the right way to execute magazine-cover worthy designs.



Post-demonstration you work with the instructors and the rest of the group to build out the various elements of the event, from reception to ceremony & more.

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Afterwards there is an open discussion and Q&A on the design elements, techniques and tools used during the execution portion.



We do this for every stage of the event, so you can understand how designers pull off top-tier events for luxury hotels and celebrity clientelle.


It was totally amazing. I mean it was so incredible, something to just die for, the experience that we got, everything that we saw, the hands on aspect – it was just amazing. I can do a whole lot now – top notch!

Faticia G.

Talladega, AL

Get Certified

Grow your business and be recognized as a top designer in your area with an A.F.D Certification!

Once you’ve completed our program you’ll be awarded our Accredited Event Floral Designer seal – which will lend to your credibility as a top floral designer in your industry.

AFD- floral design accreditation seal

The Advantage of IWED
Floral Design Institute

We’ve designed our program to give you firsthand experience with draping & decor! 

Learn how to advance in your industry faster than you can imagine what we like to call the IWED Advantage. Join over 1,000 graduates who have invested in their education to become a leader in their industry

Locations & Availability

Florida Campus
Our new Florida Campus is the perfect location to obtain your A.F.D Certification. We run 10 classes per year each with a maximum of 10 students per class – so register today before they fill up. To view all the Florida dates click here.

Accredited Floral Designer Program & Classes for Events & Weddings

The Institute of Wedding and Event Design Floral Designer program is the perfect accent to your growing design career. 
The Institute of Wedding and Event Design Floral Designer program is the perfect accent to your growing design career. Adding floral concepts to your repertoire significantly increases your bottom line and makes you more attractive to brides, corporate clients and more.

The field of Event Floral Design is one of the fastest growing industries connected to the trillion dollar wedding industry in the United States alone; taking part in the Accredited Floral Design Program is your first step into this exciting field. Many of our IWED students have already seen the benefit of adding Floral Designs to their already established wedding and event design businesses.


Build an Exciting Career in Event Floral Design Today!

“I spent years trying to find a way to make my business stand out to brides. Adding florals to my business gives me two exciting and beautiful options for my clients that have grown my business by over 30% in the last year alone. Thank you IWED” – Shonda Williams, Accredited Floral Designer
Whether you are already working with clients as a wedding and event designer, or you are looking to start your business and have identified florals as your passion, our expert instructors are ready to help you blossom into an industry leader. Registration is easy as you can get your spot in one of our classes for only $95 down and then take advantage of many of our affordable monthly payment plans. You can now finally have the career you have always wanted in the exciting field of Event Floral Design.

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